BMC Acquires ComAround

Acquisition combines market-leading AI, NLP-based knowledge management and self-service solution with award-winning BMC Helix to advance intelligent automation when building and sharing knowledge.

HOUSTON – October 13, 2020BMC, a global leader celebrating 40 years of delivering IT solutions for the Autonomous Digital Enterprise, today announced the acquisition of ComAround, a global software company that helps transform the customer experience with, self-service, and AI and NLP-based advanced knowledge management technology. Together, BMC and ComAround will build on their respective self-service, ITSM, and AI market leadership and expertise to provide NLP-based full-context-search knowledge management capabilities. Financial terms of the transaction are not disclosed.

ComAround Knowledge™ is a cloud-based AI knowledge management software specifically designed to optimize self service and support flows, and create excellent agent and customer experiences through a variety of channels. Delivering the right information at the right time, the ComAround Knowledge solution feeds chatbots and virtual support assistants and organizes enterprise knowledge into a reliable resource for customers, employees, and support agents. Combined with the award-winning BMC Helix Chatbot and BMC Helix ITSM solutions, BMC can further increase service desk efficiencies and transform the human experience, providing companies with the agility, customer-centricity, and actionable-insights necessary to become an Autonomous Digital Enterprise.

With real-time translation, ComAround Knowledge™ features full-text search, which intuitively interprets a user’s input and language analyzers to capture full context, delivering personalized results. Verified on Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS®) v6, the latest, highest industry standard for knowledge management methodology, the ComAround Knowledge solution supports translation of more than 100 languages and is currently used by hundreds of organizations worldwide.

“ComAround’s expertise in AI and NLP-based knowledge management, plus the award-winning BMC Helix service and operations portfolio, provides customers with an unbeatable combination to deliver enhanced and compelling self-service experiences across all channels and throughout the organization,“ said Ali Siddiqui, Chief Product Officer, BMC. “Together, we can offer organizations the tools they need to deliver innovative self-services and resolve issues immediately.”

“This is a milestone for us at ComAround, and we are thrilled to become part of BMC.” said Magnus Holmqvist, CEO, ComAround. “As a specialized and product-oriented SaaS company making every day easier for our customers with the help of our software and new leading technology, we welcome the opportunity to reach out and make an even bigger footprint as a part of BMC in the future.”

The BMC Helix solution is the first end-to-end, cloud-based, service and operations platform to discover, monitor, service, remediate, and optimize IT landscapes. Powered by 360-degree pervasive intelligence to turn unknowns into knowns, it provides the agility, customer-centricity, and actionable insights needed for the Autonomous Digital Enterprise.

With this acquisition, BMC continues to accelerate its focus on investing in innovation and disruptive technologies. This will be the company’s fifth acquisition in two years.

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About BMC

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About ComAround

ComAround is a global software company that specializes in knowledge management and self service. ComAround helps customer service and support organizations to create an excellent agent and customer experience by building and sharing knowledge across channels using the ComAround Knowledge Management software and ComAround’s expertise.


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