ComAround Announces Sponsorship of the KCS World Tour: Silicon Valley 2020

Cherwell Software to present their KCS® Implementation and Best Practices using ComAround Knowledge™

Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS®) has become the methodology that is fueling the success of Enterprise Service Management. ComAround Knowledge™ is the leading solution fueling KCS and empowering the latest technology initiatives at some of the leading enterprises in the world. For us KCS is not just a methodology but the way ComAround does business.

ComAround is excited to sponsor this event March 3rd in Santa Clara, California, and provide a platform to introduce Cherwell Software to share their experiences that are sure to be informative and inspirational.
The conference is hosted by The KCS Academy, the network of resources and practitioners for KCS.


Welcome to join us for case presentations, like Cherwell´s KCS implementation and Best Pracitec using ComAround Knowledge™, and conversations around topics such as:

  • KCS implementation challenges and best practices
  • Creating a KCS Center of Excellence
  • Benefits of KCS certification
  • Tools and services available to help with your KCS journey
  • KCS Round table topics such as:
    o Gaining executive buy-in for your KCS program
    o Launching and sustaining your KCS Program
    o Launching and sustaining your Coaching Program
    o Measuring success of your KCS Program
    o Improving the effectiveness of your Self-Service experience
    o Intelligent Swarming Insights

Who should attend:

  • Companies new to KCS who want to better understand the KCS Practices and the benefits
  • Companies that have deployed KCS and want to brush up on best practices and things to avoid
  • Experienced KCS practitioners looking to share best practices with others on the KCS journey

Meet us there

ComAround is proud sponsor of the event and you will meet Bill Pollie, Executive Vice President ComAround the venue.

ComAround is a global software company that specializes in Knowledge Management and Self-Service. ComAround Knowledge™ is cloud-based and AI Knowledge Management platform specifically designed to optimize your support flow and create a remarkable agent and customer experience by sharing consistent and personalized knowledge across channels. Winner of the Microsoft “Partner of the Year” in 2019, It consists of a unique combination of professional, expert, and data-driven knowledge across channels. We call it “intelligent knowledge”.

Registration discount

As a special offer, you can register for this event at the Consortium member rate. All you have to do is indicate that you heard about the event from ComAround in the drop down menu. Read more and register.

2019 blev ett rekordår för ComAround

2019 var ett fantastiskt år för ComAround med en rekordtillväxt på alla marknader.

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ComAround har tilldelats högsta kreditklass av SYNA

ComAround har tilldelats högsta möjliga kreditbetyg av kreditvärderingsinstitutet SYNA. Detta innebär att ComAround är ett välskött företag med god ekonomisk stabilitet.

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Fyra av ComArounds kunder är nominerade till “Årets Servicedesk 2019”

Support Services Institute har nu utsett de nominerade till “Årets Servicedesk 2019”. Fyra av dessa är ComArounds kunder – SMHI, Sandvik, Trafikverket och Linnéuniversitetet. Den 14:e november koras segraren för 27:e året i rad på Sheraton i Stockholm! Läs mer

ComAround lanserar ny guidad support i ComAround Knowledge™

Beslutsträd med stegvis guidning hjälper kundsupporten att ge slutanvändarna en bättre användarupplevelse och som bidrar till att fler börjar använda self service.

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ComAround utsedda till Microsoft Partner of the Year 2019

ComAround,  en global ledare och specialister inom Knowledge Management och Self-Service, tillkännagav idag att de har vunnit Microsofts mest prestigefyllda partnerpris för Sverige 2019 – Årets Multi Cloud Microsoft Partner.

Stockholm,  Sverige, 1 Oktober, 2019

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ComAround medverkar på KCS World Tour i Boston

The KCS Academy, the network of resources and practitioners for KCS® (Knowledge-Centered Service), is hosting a one-day event in Boston with focus on bringing the KCS® community together for Knowledge-Centered Service content, conversations, and connections.

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Bill Pollie from ComAround speaks at Clear 2019 in Nashville

Cherwell´s Clear 2019 Conference kicks off in Nashville, Tennessee on September 30, 2019 – October 3, 2019. This event are designed to provide insight into how to design and get the most out of a service management strategy. The conference provides insight into the trends and challenges of serving (and providing service in) today’s digital workplaces through industry-leading and inspirational keynote speakers and extensive networking opportunities.
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Omvandla företagets kunskapsdata till insikter kopplade till kundens affärsanalys

Underlättar stödet för företagsbeslut, organisationens lärande och driftsmässiga framgångar.

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Join us at KCS World Tour in London

Are you interested in finding out how the methodology KCS® (Knowledge-Centered Service) can help you create an efficient process for knowledge, to improve customer and employee satisfaction? Join us in London on June 7th for a one-day conference with conversations and networking around knowledge and content management.

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