Live Webinar: 5 steps to boost your Digital Transformation with Service Management

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8 maj, 2019
05:00 - 05:45

Live Webinar: 5 steps to boost your Digital Transformation with Service Management

Essential to your Digital Transformation success is a modern Service Management strategy combined with a state-of-the-art approach to digital knowledge management.

During this webinar you’ll learn how the integration of Enterprise Service Management with Knowledge Management can add tangible value to your business, and how the configurability, scalability and security capabilities of an integrated solution have a direct influence on your process and service efficiency. You will also learn how to quantify the ROI and the TCO of an integrated approach for your organization.

If you’re seeking an easy-to-use integrated solution, see how Cherwell and ComAround make work flow.

Webinar presenters:

Per Strand
Founder & Partner | Author Self-Service & Knowledge Success
+46 8 58088630



Aria Naderi
Solution Engineer
+49 175 9319 628 


Time & registration:


May 8, 2019


05.00 – 05.45 am EST
11.00 – 11.45 pm CET

About ComAround

ComAround is a global leader that specializes in Knowledge Management and Self-service. For more than 20 years, ComAround has helped thousands of organizations to achieve world class support using intelligent knowledge powered by Microsoft technology and ComArounds expertise in knowledge management. ComAround Knowledge™ lives in Microsoft Azure and helps the service organization to collect, share and reuse knowledge. ComAround Knowledge™ provides a platform that combines the power of Microsoft technology with human intelligence to transform and simplify the way large companies provide a world class service experience to customers and employees.

About Cherwell

Cherwell improves service experiences across the entire organization through integrated, adaptable technology. Whether addressing customer needs and desires, demonstrating a determination to solve problems, or making a commitment to tell the truth, smarter service is what transforms functional teams into phenomenal ones. Cherwell was founded on the notion that service comes first. And effectively managing service experiences is vital in helping organizations adapt faster, saving precious time and resources.

The combination of Cherwell Service Management™ software and ComAround Knowledge™ provides a seamless user experience throughout the support flow and enables support cases to be closed faster by capturing, structuring, and sharing knowledge.

Contact ComAround for more information:

Lotta Wiklund
Event Marketing Manager, ComAround