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IT Global Support Challenges, Risks, and Critical Success Factors

A white paper on understanding the Complex Dynamics of Success in a Global Support Organization.

Globalization is upon us. No longer do companies support customers in one city, state, or country. In the global economy, services are provided across country boundaries and the complexity of delivery and support increases substantially. Combined with a need for agility, organizations face the challenge of supporting a rapid pace of change where time to market is critical to maintain competitiveness.

If your organization is going global as a new strategic initiative or consolidating multiple locations into one global support organization – this whitepaper discusses the challenges, risks, and critical success factors for building a sustainable global support solution.

About the Author

Julie L. Mohr is an a dynamic, engaging author and international speaker on topics of authentic leadership, busines strategy, artificial intelligence, the disruption economy, knowledge management, organizational culture, and innovation.

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