Vinnerne på Self Service Awards™ 2018

23. oktober ble vinnerne av Self Service Awards 2018 kåret på ComAround Inspiration Day 2018. Self Service Awards™ er en årlig utmerkelse for de organisasjonene og personene som har lykkes best med å støtte og effektivisere supportarbeidet ved hjelp av verktøyet ComAround Knowledge™. For niende år på rad deler ComAround ut priser i flere kategorier, der underlaget er basert på det siste årets resultater.

Det ble delt ut priser i følgende kategorier:  Årets Strategiske Prestasjon, Årets Nykommer og Årets Stjerne.

ComAround gratulerer alle vinnerne i Self Service Awards 2018.


Årets Strategiske Prestasjon

The jury has chosen the winner in the category Strategic Performance of the Year. The award goes to a global organization that is at the forefront of delivering world class customer support.

The organization’s commitment and continuous development has enabled them to scale the service to new markets with continued positive customer experience.

Strategic Performance of the Year goes to Volvo Cars





Årets Nykommer

The jury has chosen the winner in the category Newcomer of the Year. The award goes to an organization that, in record time, established the service and received positive feedback from all user groups.

Hard work, a clear direction, and effective implementation have resulted in a high resolution and usage rate.

In particular the jury emphasizes that the results have far exceeded expectations for an organization that historically has not put much faith in knowledge management.

The Newcomer of the Year is the University of Oklahoma


Årets Stjerne

The jury has chosen the winner in the category Star of the Year. The award goes to a person who, with focus and creativity, has made self-service available to all users.

The winner is a shining star that through cooperation and persistence have achieved an amazing user experience.

This year’s Self-Service Star is Hagop Yaglian – Walt Disney Studios


Lotta Wiklund
Event Marketing Manager, ComAround