On-demand webinar: Succeed with self-service support

A webinar about what makes self-service support an appreciated and positive support channel for your customers and users.

Within the KCS® (Knowledge-Centered Service) methodology, 5 critical factors for “self-service success” have been identified, which we will go through.

You will receive work material to subsequently carry out an evaluation of your self-service function to identify which areas you need to focus on in order to succeed.

Succeed with self-service support

What you will learn:

• The success factors for self-service support
• Solutions (technology and process) that you can use
• How you can decide which factors you need to focus on to improve your self-service function

Webinar presenter:

Heléne Källgården
Customer Success Manager, KCS Trainer & Consultant
+46 8 580 886 49


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