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On-demand webinar: Make knowledge management valuable and fun

More satisfied employees, higher resolution rates, fewer cases for the service desk, and an up-to-date and relevant database. We dare say that this is the result of a structured approach to knowledge management, using proven methods that make knowledge valuable and fun. In this webinar, we tell you how to go about it!

Service desks should provide high-quality support on time and using limited resources. Nothing strange about that. But how can the service desk work with Knowledge Management and build a qualitative knowledge base concurrently? And what factors motivate the service desk team and make them feel involved and engaged, both in their professional roles and in achieving the objectives established by the organization as a whole? In simple terms, how do you make knowledge valuable and fun?

In this webinar we demonstrate how the service desk can:

  • work to make the knowledge base useful in the long term
  • create procedures and processes that engage and motivate
  • reduce costs and improve service to the organization

Listen to Sebastian Teeling, Knowledge Specialist at ComAround, as he demonstrates how the support organization can work to make the knowledge base valuable in the long term and to create procedures and processes that engage and motivate.

Watch the webinar:

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