ComAround release notes November 29, 2016

Related to the release dated November 27, 2016

Automated knowledge articles

In the latest update of ComAround Knowledge™ (dated November 27, 2016), we added an additional function to the Alarm feature, called Knowledge Builder.

The Knowledge Builder automatically creates articles based on search queries without search results. The function is easily activated for each alarm by ticking a check box.

This is how it works

To see your activated alarms, or to create a new alarm, go to the statistics view. To activate the Knowledge Builder, simply check the “create article” check box.

Knowledge builder

In this example, the alarm will trigger after 3 search queries without search results, and a knowledge article will automatically be created. The title of the knowledge article will be the same as the search query. The article will be found as a draft under “New Content”, which means that only knowledge workers can see it.

For more detailed instructions on the Knowledge Builder please see relevant guide in the help function in your portal.