Turn your organization’s knowledge data into insight connected to client business analytics

Provides additional support for business decisions, organizational learning, and operational excellence.

Organization’s knowledge can be data insights

Although many organizations are competing in the digital world and reinventing their businesses through digital transformation, new strategies, and the establishment of an organizational culture, they have limited resources when it comes to staff and finance. Organizations that use their knowledge of their staff, customers, and partners, ie organization’s knowledge data,  collectively can thrive with much less effort.

ComAround Insight Connector is a new analysis service for ComAround Knowledge™ that helps organizations connect their knowledge data to their existing business analytics. The use of combined business data will support organizations in making better business decisions, and improve organizational learning and operational excellence.

“ComAround Insight Connector is a must-have feature for organizations that want to maximize their return on investment in knowledge management,” says Erik Evlinger, Product Owner at ComAround. “The insight from and understanding of how your knowledge is being consumed will help organizations to optimize the processes surrounding their knowledge base and make better business decisions”.

Thanks to ComAround Insight Connector, organizations can extract their knowledge data generated by ComAround Knowledge™ and create custom reports in client applications such as Power BI, Excel, or Tableau.

Key features of ComAround Insight Connector:

  • Easy to get started
  • Connect to any data analytics tool such as Power-Bi, Tableau, or Microsoft Excel
  • Combine data from multiple sources of your organization’s knowledge

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About ComAround

ComAround is multinational software company that specializes in Knowledge Management & Self-Service. The company helps organizations to achieve exceptional support by using intelligent knowledge as part of their digital transformation strategy, and by utilizing ComAround’s expertise in Knowledge Management. ComAround’s customers solve problems faster, handle increased incident volumes in multiple languages much more easily, have lower organizational costs, and deliver excellent customer experience. www.comaround.com

For more information, please contact:

Erik Evlinger
Product Owner
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