The winners of ComAround prizes at the HDI Conference in Las Vegas

We are happy to present the winners of the ComAround prizes at the Annual HDI Conference and Expo in Las Vegas in March.

The winner of a Pebble Smartwatch

The winner of ComAround’s Pebble Smartwatch was Jessica Laplante, Help Desk Team Leader at  Lincoln Financial Group. Congratulations! Pictured left.

winner pebble watch_200x261

The winner of an iPad Air – joint draw with Specops Software

Together with Secops software we had a draw to win an iPad Air. The lucky winner was Jose Montoya from Brigham Young University. Congratulations!



More from HDI: Self service isn’t “nice to have”. it is an expectation

2015 HDI Conference Las Vegas: Self Service isn’t “nice to have”, it is an expectation

We are very excited to be participating at the HDI 25th Annual World Conference and Expo in Las Vegas. More than 2,400 elite professionals are getting together for the most comprehensive training conference in the Technical service and support industry. This is where the users are customers, and where we let people know that the support team are the heroes.

We experience, both from participants and the conference program in general, that there is a heavy focus on knowledge, KCS, integrations and beyond IT (HR, Marketing, Finance and so on.). It has become obvious that the description ”customer” has replaced the previous word ”user” for IT and service desks. That also explains why “easy to use” is crucial for all tools at the conference, emphasizing the actual customers using the tools.

(null) (2)_300x269Many people we meet talk about the need to understand what role the service desk has within the organization, and the value they create. Or if you put it the ComAround way – they are the heroes!

ComAround Zero™ – or how to make it work

Having a Knowledge Base in an ITSM platform doesn’t seem to be enough for companies. They need additional tools to really make it work- to bring the resolution rate up and make the customers satisfied. We hear visitors say that many of the KB solutions are giving customers a hard time, especially finding the right content due to poor search and navigation functions. That is something we can proudly claim that ComAround Zero™ doesn’t have any issues with.

– That’s probably why we notice a real interest from ITSM vendors to collaborate with ComAround in order to create ”added value” for customers, says Sebastian Teeling from the ComAround team.

(null) (3)_300x200Self Service and KCS – making knowledge fun

KCS has a strong influence and customers are excited that we are KCS focused and that we are implementing more features tied to KCS. When showing one of our US customers some of the new features, she said ”That is great, this will make content creation motivating and fun for the writers”.

The response from the people we talk to is that ComAround offers a smart and intelligent knowledge solution, not really seen before.

– We’ve met several people from the HDI 2014 conference, who are happy that we are back, says Magnus Holmqvist at ComAround, who also participated last year.

The 2015 conclusion

Just like last year, we love the vibe, the mood, the energy, the fun and all the engaging people at the expo.

We are happy for the collaboration with our partner Specops , which has further strengthened our position on the North American market. A great team with a great product!

Top picture, from left: Magnus Holmqvist, Rob Matheson, Björn Björkman

Bottom picture: Brandon Caudle talking about “Self Service and other Customer Support Myths”

Meet us at the HDI Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, March 24-27

We are very excited to participate at the HDI 25th Annual World Conference and Expo, March 24-27, in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas. More than 2,400 elite professionals will be getting together for the most comprehensive training conference in the Technical service and support industry.

banner(160x600exhibiting)1411084_130x488ComAround at the HDI conference:

Expo Hall Location: Mandalay Bay, Shorelines A
Booth: 526

  • Mr. Rob Matheson, Director, North America Business Development
    Phone: 415-505-4889
  • Mr. Magnus Holmqvist, Founder ComAround
    Phone: +46 8 580 886 20
  • Mr. Sebastian Teeling, Process Manager/Sales Engineer
  • Mr. Björn Björkman, Product owner, ComAround

ComAround Zero™ + Specops Password Reset – world class self service!

Research shows that up to 40% of all service desk calls are related to password reset issues. With a simple integration you combine the power of ComAround self service solution ComAround Zero™, and Specops Password Reset solution to attain outstanding customer support and the highest level of password security.

Meet out partner Specops  in booth no 343.

And don’t forget to join our competition for a chance to win an iPad Air!

We look forward to meeting you!

HDI is the leading resource for IT service and technical support

HDI, a UBM Tech company, is a global IT service and technical support association and the industry’s premier certification and training body. Guided by an international panel of industry experts and practitioners, HDI is the leading resource for IT service and technical support emerging trends and best practices.

Official web of HDI Conference & Expo 2015


New knowledge article categories in ComAround Zero™

In keeping with best practices for knowledge-centered support, our focus is both on producing new content and updating existing content based on demand and user statistics from our customers. We’ve identified the most popular categories and listed them below.

In recent months we’ve focused our efforts on the knowledge article categories that we’ve identified as most-used based on available user statistics. We’re going through the articles with the highest number of views, refining, adding and even removing content.

The most-used knowledge articles are in these categories:

  • Windows 7
  • Outlook 2013
  • Word 2013
  • Excel 2013
  • Lync 2013
  • Office 365
  • Outlook 2010
  • Word 2010
  • Excel 2010
  • iOS8

Please get in touch  if you have any specific guide requests.

Read more about ComAround Zero™.

Knowledge is an asset owned by the team

It is no secret that “Knowledge” is the keyword in the support industry in 2015. ComAround recently took part in the IT-support & Service conference in Stockholm with the focus on the support organization’s knowledge. How do you capture this knowledge and how do you make this build value in the company?

At the conference, a great deal was spoken about problem-solving proactive work with knowledge as a central tool. How important it is to map a business’s knowledge in order to be able to utilize and develop it to make working operations effective, innovative and profitable.

it-support 1_499x214

KCS simplifies knowledge management

In her presentation, Ann-Marie Ovin, CIO at the law firm Vinge in Stockholm, spoke of how they had begun to introduce KCS, Knowledge Centered Support, in their IT activity. KCS is a method for working effectively with knowledge within, for example, the IT organization. The knowledge can be available in a knowledge database in a self-service facility.

According to Ann-Marie Ovin, knowledge is an asset owned by the Team, not by the Individual or a small group of content creators. And, at ComAround, we really agree with that. By utilizing, developing and disseminating both new and existing knowledge in a self-service portal, the support organization can build up knowledge capital in order to, for example, take the load off of and make more effective the work in the service desk. In both the long and short term Ann-Marie Ovin, who uses ComAround Zero™ in the support activity, described the service as “structured knowledge in one place”.

– I thought that Ann-Marie’s description that “IT + Knowledge Management = KCS” was very good, says Sharmarke Warsame, who took part as an exhibitor from ComAround.

it-support 2_497x300

Ulf Lignelid, Magnus Nordh and Therese Walve from ComAround

We had many pleasant and interesting discussions with both participants and other exhibitors among the 60 people present.

Would you like to find out more about KCS?

Contact us if you would like to find out more about how KCS works in practice and how it can improve support delivery.

ComAround holds a presentation at the HDI Local Chapter Sacramento, February 19th

On Thursday February 19th, Rob Matheson, Director of Business Development at ComAround in San Francisco, is holding a presentation at the HDI Local Chapter in Sacramento. Register today to learn how to take control of the knowledge flow by using Self Service and KCS.

robmatheson_230x230Rob Matheson has worked in the IT Support Industry for more than 15 years and has held many SF Bay Area HDI Officer positions. He is currently their chapter’s VP of Programs.

At ComAround, Rob works closely with IT teams to help them develop and implement self service and KCS.

His presentation will focus on how to leverage knowledge flow by using KCS and Self-Service.

Date and place:

February 19th, 2015
5:00PM – 7:00PM
Unitek College
1111 Howe Avenue Suite #300
Sacramento, CA 95825

Read more and regiser today

New knowledge articles for software for Adobe CC and Google Drive

We have recently created the following knowledge articles in English:

  • 33 text articles for Adobe C (Creative Cloud), which is Adobe’s cloud-based service that gives users access to Adobe System’s software and cloud services at a monthly fee.
  • 13 articles for Google Drive.
  • 12 articles for SDL Trados Studio 2014, which is a translation program included in the program suite SDL Trados.
  • 14 articles for WordFinder .
  • 20 articles for FastFox, which is a freeware program in the category “text expansion software”. The software enables users to use commonly occurring words and phrases with the help of shortcut keys to simplify typing.

Read more about ComAround Zero™.

New knowledge articles for software for Mac

If you are a Mac user, you have around 250 new guides to dig into in ComAround Zero™.


  • 64 text guides in the category Mac OS X Yosemite, which is the latest operating system from Apple and was released in October 2014. The focus is on details and content.
  • 50 guides for Mac OS X Mavericks. This is the next-latest version of the operating system for Macs.
  • 36 text guides for Excel 2011 Mac, which is the spreadsheet program included in the Office 2011 suite for Mac.
  • 40 text guides in the category PowerPoint 2011 for Mac.
  • 46 text guides for Outlook 2011 Mac in Zero. Outlook 2011 is replacing Entourage 2008 as the e-mail client in Office for Mac. It syncs with your Exchange account and gives you access to your e-mail, contacts, calendar, information and notes.

Read more about ComAround Zero™.

ComAround is launching several functions that support the processes in KCS. One of these is gamification

ComAround is launching several functions for simplifying and handling support cases via knowledge bases and the self-service concept ComAround Zero™, all in compliance with the processes in KCS (Knowledge Centered Support). KCS is a method and collection of processes designed to capture, structure, reuse and improve knowledge.

Gamification for encouraging participation and engagement

KCS helps service desks to set up processes for successful use of knowledge databases and self-services. To get service desk staff and users in the enterprise to use the tools and follow the processes, participation and engagement are required. A basic principle of KCS is acknowledging and rewarding effort. This is the reason why ComAround is introducing gamification, which involves using game design and game mechanics in motivating both individuals and teams.

Via top lists, ComAround Zero™ provides acknowledgment for those who create the most guides, the guides that have the most views and the guides that produce the highest degree of resolution. The lists are unique for each service desk team.gamification-first-sketch

Direct path to service desk when knowledge database lacks answers

In line with KCS, users should first search for answers to their questions in a self-service knowledge database. If the answer isn’t there, users should be given direct access to the service desk for help. When a search in ComAround Zero™ does not produce any hits, a form is opened for direct contact with the service desk from the page where the negative search results were displayed.


Central locations for sharing guides with users

Reusing and sharing knowledge is another basic principle of KCS. The function for sharing guides is now centrally located on the guide page, as well as in the search results, so that service desks can send guides to users quicker and easier.
We’re constantly working to simplify and improve the functions in ComAround Zero™, and we’re looking forward to continued development of KCS-compliant processes along with our customers.


Read more about ComAround Zero™.