Lena Stormvinge at ComAround invited to speak at itSMF’s annual conference in Stockholm

Her lecture “Next-Generation Knowledge Management” will give participants at this year’s conference a better insight into and understanding of the future support model.

itSMF Expo ’17 is due to take place on April 5 and 6 at The Brewery Conference Centre in Stockholm. The expo is Sweden’s leading conference for IT Service Management and IT governance. Around 25 exhibitors and 250 participants will enjoy a program featuring a variety of speakers, engaging topics, and invaluable discussions with industry peers. We’re pleased to announce that Lena Stormvinge from ComAround has been invited to speak at this year’s conference.

lena-stormvinge-trainingLena Stormvinge is a Knowledge Management, KCS and Self-Service specialist. She is also an experienced trainer and speaker. In 2017 she is due to give a talk at HDI 2017 in Washington D.C., itSMF in Oslo, and IT Support & Service in Stockholm. Lena is the fifteenth certified KCS Trainer in the world and has recently published the book Self-Service & Knowledge Success with Per Strand – one of the founders of ComAround.

Lena’s lecture “Next-Generation Knowledge Management”

Wednesday, April 5 from 11:00 to 11:45 in Mälarsalen

Statistics show that the traditional line-based support model will be replaced by new structures and processes – a co-operation based model designed to capture and leverage a collective body of knowledge and experience. These new approaches use established methods and digital tools to capitalize on the expertise and knowledge of the whole organization. This knowledge makes a valuable contribution to the company’s internal and external products and services. The process changes and reduces the need for traditional support while making the organization more productive, increasing customer satisfaction, and creating a support organization that is more efficient and less costly.

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