Have your ITSM solution KCS Verified in a few days

The growing knowledge methodology Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) is easier to adopt with support from a KCS Verified tool that supports all eight processes of the KCS Solve and Evolve Loop. Globally there are only four vendors that support all the KCS processes.

kcs-v5If you are practicing KCS, or plan to start practicing KCS and you don´t want to replace your existing  ITSM tool, you can now easily integrate the KCS Verified tool ComAround Knowledge™ with your existing ITSM solution by using ComAround Connect. The ready made API-connectors integrate with your ITSM solution and help you get your KCS workflow up and running. Our KCS experts can show you how ComAround Knowledge™ integrates with your Incident Management and ITSM tool, and what you can do to support your KCS process and workflow more effectively.

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