ComAround further strengthens its training and advisory services team with an additional certified KCS v6 Trainer

Per-Kristian Broch Mathisen has become the world’s sixteenth certified KCS Trainer.

More and more support organizations are thinking about implementing or are already in the process of adopting the knowledge management methodology Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS®*). Demand for KCS training has increased markedly over the past year. ComAround has many satisfied course participants from the US and from several countries in Europe. The need for advice and consultancy services in this area has grown. ComAround is therefore recruiting more KCS Trainers certified by the KCS Academy.

Per-Kristian Broch Mathisen has managed to become the world’s sixteenth certified KCS Trainer. He has worked at ComAround for more than six years and has helped hundreds of companies and organizations to succeed with Knowledge Management and Self Service by providing training and advice.

“I’m very pleased that I was able to guide customers in KCS through my work,” says Per-Kristian. “KCS is a natural fit with my background as I’m a specialist in Knowledge Management and Self Service.” This certification will be of great benefit to our customers.

A key aspect of the certification process for becoming a KCS Trainer is to lecture during the intensive three-day KCS v6 Practices Workshop, which is led by a certified KCS Trainer. Per-Kristian lectured during the course in Stockholm in February this year together with Lena Stormvinge, certified KCS Trainer and Head of Training and Consulting at ComAround. The workshop provides participants with an in-depth theoretical and practical understanding of the adoption of KCS. Course participants were very satisfied.

“Some participants commented on what an amazing job Per-Kristian did,” says Lena Stormvinge. For example, Sony Mobile said that our KCS training has given them a stable and solid foundation for their work with Knowledge Management going forwards. It’s great news that ComAround’s Training & Consulting team has been expanded to include Per-Kristian as our next certified KCS Trainer. Change and Knowledge Management is often difficult to implement correctly. With our unique expertise and experience we can offer our customers the right support along the way.

ComAround offers a complete range of KCS training and certifications that are approved by the KCS Academy. Some examples include KCS Foundation, the KCS v6 Practices Workshop, KCS – service desk workflow, and the KCS Leadership workshop. These courses give participants all the insight and skills they need to hone their knowledge management processes and/or adopt the KCS method in their organization.

Find out more about courses and certifications in Knowledge Management and the KCS method (Knowledge-Centered Service).

About KCS®, the KCS Academy, and the Consortium for Service Innovation

Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS®*) is a method for providing a detailed description of how support organizations should work with knowledge as a basis for improving the support they provide, for boosting their productivity, and for increasing the level of service they offer to the business.
The KCS Academy is the only authorized certification body for KCS®. KCS Academy is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Consortium for Service Innovation. The consortium is a nonprofit organization that develops and maintains KCS methodology.

About ComAround

ComAround is a Knowledge Management and Self Service specialist. Professional support organizations worldwide use the knowledge management tool ComAround Knowledge™ to streamline the support they provide by collecting, structuring, and sharing knowledge throughout the business. The tool is KCS Verified v5 and can be easily integrated with other ITSM tools thanks to ComAround Connect. ComAround’s experts are on hand to guide you through and educate you about Knowledge Management and KCS.

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Lena Stormvinge
Head of Training & Consulting | KCS Trainer, ComAround


*The KCS® methodology is service-marked by the Consortium for Service Innovation.