ComAround provides knowledge articles for Windows 10

Self-service will help facilitate migrations.

When an IT department migrates their organization to a new version of the Windows O/S for example, the service desk will have an increasing number of issues to resolve. When this type of change occurs in an organization it is critical for the IT department to be proficient with the new version of the software being released. The service desk must also have a plan for effectively handling the increase in the number of calls to the service desk. Self-service is an effective way to provide support for migrations. With self-service users help themselves and the service desk is relieved from answering the simple and repetitive “How to” questions.

– We know from past experience that users have many questions when the IT department migrates the organization to a new version of Windows”, says Bjorn Bjorkman, ComAround Product Owner. Therefore we are always one step ahead and we create knowledge articles to facilitate our clients’ migrations.

Windows 10 has several similarities with Windows 7, including the Start menu. One of the great new features in Windows 10 is that it will run on all devices including desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. Other news includes Microsoft’s new browser, search field changes in the task bar, new settings, and the ability to interact with your device by speaking to it.

– ComAround Zero™ is an easy to use knowledge tool designed for capturing, structuring, and sharing knowledge throughout the organization, says Bjorn Bjorkman. Thousands of text, video, and e-learning knowledge articles are available to support our customers when a change occurs in their environment.  These articles are very valuable for supporting migrations to a new Windows or Mac O/S, or enterprise apps like Office 365. Our customers also have the ability to customize their self-service portal and create their own content.
ComAround Zero™ is a SaaS tool that easily integrates with all ITSM solutions.  This integration empowers the service desk to deliver faster and more efficient support for their organization.

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