ComAround Knowledge™ has become KCS® v6 Verified

ComAround is pleased to announce that our knowledge management and self-service tool ComAround Knowledge™ is the second tool in the world to be KCS® v6 Verified by The KCS Academy.

KCS (Knowledge-Centered Service) is a methodology based on best practice aiming to capture, structure and reuse knowledge gained through interactions. The KCS methodology encourages service desk teamwork and facilitates more efficient case management to achieve improved operational efficiency, employee morale, and customer satisfaction.

To be KCS v6 Verified, a product must comply with the KCS v6 Verified standards and must have passed the KCS v6 technology demo assessment. Getting KCS v6 Verified is proof that ComAround Knowledge™ provides comprehensive functionality and a technology platform that enables all eight KCS practices.

“The KCS Academy is pleased to have ComAround distinguish themselves as a KCS v6 Verified vendor”, says Melissa George, President & CEO of The KCS Academy. “The Verification process is thorough and challenging, and by completing the process ComAround has demonstrated ComAround Knowledge™ aligns with and can support the KCS v6 practices”.

“ComAround Knowledge™ leads the way as a KCS Verified solution in all areas, both in functionality and ease of use”, says Magnus Holmqvist, CEO and one of the founders of ComAround. “With this KCS v6 verification we will continue to help companies around the world in developing and implementing a knowledge solution that is right for them”.

The KCS® methodology is a registered service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation.

About ComAround

ComAround is a Knowledge Management and Self-service specialist. Professional support organizations worldwide use ComAround Knowledge™ to streamline the support they provide by collecting, structuring and sharing knowledge throughout the business. The tool is KCS v6 Verified and can be easily integrated with other ITSM tools thanks to ComAround Connect.

ComAround’s experts are on hand to guide you through and educate you in Knowledge Management and KCS.

About the KCS Academy

The KCS Academy is the source for KCS and the only authorized certifying body for KCS. The Academy offers KCS certification for people and KCS Verified and Aligned designations for tools and services. The KCS Academy is a network of KCS practitioners and vendors who support the successful adoption of KCS and contributes to the continuous improvement of the KCS methodology across all knowledge-intensive industries. For more information about the KCS Academy and KCS certification programs please visit

About the Consortium for Service Innovation

The Consortium for Service Innovation is a non-profit alliance of service and support organizations focused on innovation around customer engagement, productivity, and success.

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