ComAround Knowledge™ achieves highest level of KCS verification – KCS Verified v5

This verification is proof that ComAround Knowledge™ promotes support organizations’ Knowledge Management and Self Service efforts to help them succeed with their shift-left strategies and automation of the support they provide.

kcs-v5The verification means that the tool now fully supports the Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) method. KCS is a method based on best practise and shows in detail how support organizations should work with Knowledge Management and Self Service. In connection with the verification process, ComAround is changing the name of ComAround Zero™ to ComAround Knowledge™ in order to emphasize the tool’s primary purpose – to efficiently and smartly take advantage of and re-use knowledge in an organization.
ComAround Knowledge™ is the first in Europe to achieve the highest level of KCS verification – KCS Verified v5. The requirements for obtaining KCS verification include being able to demonstrate extensive functionality and a technology platform that supports all eight KCS principles. Previously, only three tools have been verified, including Oracle and SalesForce.

“KCS verification is extremely important for us because we firmly believe that the KCS method will change the way organizations manage knowledge, which will in turn support shift-left strategy efforts and increase the level of automation in how support is provided,” says Per Strand, CEO and one of the founders of ComAround.
The KCS method encourages teamwork at the service desk and facilitates more efficient case management and improved Self Service support.
“For those who have yet to embrace the KCS method or who are about to start, we have KCS specialists to guide you through and educate you on the method so you can achieve rapid results,” Per continues.

About ComAround

ComAround is a Knowledge Management and Self Service specialist. Professional support organizations worldwide use ComAround Knowledge™ to streamline the support they provide by collecting, structuring and sharing knowledge throughout the business. The tool is KCS Verified v5 and can be easily integrated with other ITSM tools thanks to ComAround Connect. ComAround’s expert are on hand to guide you through and educate you on Knowledge Management and KCS.

About the Consortium for Service Innovation

The consortium is a nonprofit association of support and service organizations and is the initiator of the KCS method.

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