ComAround is launching several functions that support the processes in KCS. One of these is gamification

ComAround is launching several functions for simplifying and handling support cases via knowledge bases and the self-service concept ComAround Zero™, all in compliance with the processes in KCS (Knowledge Centered Support). KCS is a method and collection of processes designed to capture, structure, reuse and improve knowledge.

Gamification for encouraging participation and engagement

KCS helps service desks to set up processes for successful use of knowledge databases and self-services. To get service desk staff and users in the enterprise to use the tools and follow the processes, participation and engagement are required. A basic principle of KCS is acknowledging and rewarding effort. This is the reason why ComAround is introducing gamification, which involves using game design and game mechanics in motivating both individuals and teams.

Via top lists, ComAround Zero™ provides acknowledgment for those who create the most guides, the guides that have the most views and the guides that produce the highest degree of resolution. The lists are unique for each service desk team.gamification-first-sketch

Direct path to service desk when knowledge database lacks answers

In line with KCS, users should first search for answers to their questions in a self-service knowledge database. If the answer isn’t there, users should be given direct access to the service desk for help. When a search in ComAround Zero™ does not produce any hits, a form is opened for direct contact with the service desk from the page where the negative search results were displayed.


Central locations for sharing guides with users

Reusing and sharing knowledge is another basic principle of KCS. The function for sharing guides is now centrally located on the guide page, as well as in the search results, so that service desks can send guides to users quicker and easier.
We’re constantly working to simplify and improve the functions in ComAround Zero™, and we’re looking forward to continued development of KCS-compliant processes along with our customers.


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