ComAround announces partner/reseller agreement with Sollertis in the UK

As a strategic part of ComAround’s expansion into Europe, ComAround has signed a partner agreement with Sollertis covering the UK market. Read more

Great interest in ComAround at the Cherwell Global Conference 2016

The integration takes knowledge management to the next level

ComAround was once again one of the exhibitors at the conference with more than 700 Cherwell customers, partners, employees and industry experts. We all shared experiences, insights, and the latest developments within IT Service Management and beyond at the fourth annual conference in Colorado Springs.

Brand new Cherwell mApp

We had the opportunity to speak to many of the participants and demonstrate how ComAround Knowledge™ streamlines their Cherwell solution and takes knowledge management to the next level. We demonstrated the brand new Cherwell mApp, built by the Swedish company Synerity.

The ComAround – Cherwell integration framework makes ComAround’s content even easier to access via existing interaction points in Cherwell Service Management. The brand new mApp gives the team faster avenues to articles, and link in the self-service portal, adds value to the business by driving down the cost of IT support

Increasing demand for a specialized knowledge tool

With an increasing need for accurate and relevant knowledge base content within support organizations today, the ComAround Knowledge™ tool delivers on those key points, for you, your team and your customers. The many discussions we had proved that no matter how great ITSM tool, a specialized tool for knowledge management makes all the difference.

We thank everyone for challenging ComAround with mission specific discussions and input. Hearing from you helps ComAround and Cherwell continue to work to leverage the integration and the services required to help you work more efficiently.

The winner of a KCS online course

We are happy to present the winner of a KCS online course and certification: Karen Fournier from Sempra U.S. Gas & Power.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the draw!

Contact us:

If you want to know more about the mApp, or the advantages of an integration between ComAround Knowledge and Cherwell Service management, don’t hesitate to contact us:

Magnus Holmqvist
Founder and President, ComAround Inc.,


ComAround Knowledge™ has Become Microsoft Azure SQL Database Certified

This certification demonstrates increased reliability and scalability of ComAround Knowledge™ to handle international growth.

EN_rgb_ASD_Cert_Blue_2Professional support organizations around the world use the knowledge management tool, ComAround Knowledge™, to automate and enhance their support delivery by capturing, structuring, and sharing knowledge throughout the organization.

Since a year ago ComAround moved their entire solution to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Azure allows ComAround to handle rapid international growth by managing changing volumes of customer use of ComAround Knowledge™, and to manage regional regulations and increase reliability.

“We are proud to have become Microsoft Azure SQL Database Certified, giving us ability to prove the increased reliability and scalability of ComAround Knowledge,™ and to be able to meet the needs of our customers in international markets,” says Martin Wåger, Manager Development & Platform, ComAround. ”The ease of use of Microsoft Azure allows us to completely focus on adding customer value to ComAround Knowledge™.”

“Microsoft Azure along with Azure SQL Database are designed to support the critical needs of large global organizations,” says Tiffany Wissner, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Microsoft Data Platform. “We are pleased to see ComAround taking the extra step to certify their solution on Azure SQL Database which in turn extends the value of SQL Database via ComAround to global professional support organizations worldwide.”

ComAround Knowledge™ is integrated with ITSM tools and applications through the ComAround Connect platform built on Microsoft Azure API Management, for faster and more efficient support throughout the entire support flow. ComAround Knowledge™ is KCS Verified v5. The integrations supports all eight KCS principles.

To find out more read the data sheet and the mini-case-study.

Read more about ComAround Knowledge™.

Visit our ComAround API marketplace.

About ComAround

ComAround specializes in knowledge management and self service. Professional support organizations around the world including the CDA, Stanford University, Rolls Royce, and hundreds of others, use the solution, ComAround Knowledge™, to automate and enhance their support delivery by capturing, structuring, and sharing knowledge throughout the organization. The tool is KCS Verified v5 and can be easily integrated with ITSM tools. ComAround’s specialists also provide KCS certification training.

Contact ComAround for more information

Martin Wåger
Manager Development and Platform, ComAround
Phone: +46766431123

Have your ITSM solution KCS Verified in a few days

The growing knowledge methodology Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) is easier to adopt with support from a KCS Verified tool that supports all eight processes of the KCS Solve and Evolve Loop. Globally there are only four vendors that support all the KCS processes.

kcs-v5If you are practicing KCS, or plan to start practicing KCS and you don´t want to replace your existing  ITSM tool, you can now easily integrate the KCS Verified tool ComAround Knowledge™ with your existing ITSM solution by using ComAround Connect. The ready made API-connectors integrate with your ITSM solution and help you get your KCS workflow up and running. Our KCS experts can show you how ComAround Knowledge™ integrates with your Incident Management and ITSM tool, and what you can do to support your KCS process and workflow more effectively.

Read more about how you can have your ITSM solution KCS Verified and how you can get started.

The Best KCS-Verified ITSM Solution in the World…

Pressrelease March 29, 2016

Cherwell Software and ComAround deliver a fully integrated solution to help professional support organizations succeed with Knowledge Management, shift-left strategies, and automation of IT support.

With a strong partnership and collaborative effort, Cherwell Software™ and ComAround have developed a world class solution that empowers professional support organizations to work effectively with Knowledge Management and Self Service. Knowledge is created simultaneously while the service desk resolves their customers’ incidents. Through effective knowledge management, our customers achieve outstanding results with their shift-left strategies and with automation of their support delivery. The knowledge component, ComAround Knowledge™ is KCS-Verified by the Consortium for Service Innovation.

kcs-v5The verification means that the integrated solution now fully supports the Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) methodology. KCS is based on best practices that demonstrate how support organizations should work with Knowledge Management and Self Service. The requirements for obtaining KCS verification include the ability to demonstrate extensive functionality and a technology platform that supports all eight KCS principles.“KCS verification is extremely important for us. We firmly believe that the KCS methodology will change the way organizations manage knowledge, which will in turn support shift-left strategy efforts, and increase the level of automation in how support is delivered,” said Per Strand, CEO and ComAround Co-founder.

With mApp™ Solutions, or “mergeable applications,” like the ComAround Knowledge™ Integration mApp, you can easily extend the Cherwell Service Management™ platform to accomplish extraordinary things,” said Dawson Stoops, Vice President of Strategic Alliances, Cherwell Software.

About Cherwell

Cherwell A global leader in IT service management, Cherwell Software empowers IT to lead through the use of powerful and intuitive technology that enables better, faster, and more affordable innovation. The Cherwell Service Management™ platform is built from the ground up with a unique codeless architecture that enables rapid time to value, infinite flexibility, and frictionless upgrades every time—at a fraction of the cost and complexity of legacy solutions. Because of Cherwell’s focus on delivering a solution that is easy to configure, customize, and use, IT organizations extend Cherwell to solve a wide range of IT and business problems. With an unwavering commitment to putting customers first and being easy to do business with, Cherwell enjoys 98%+ customer satisfaction. Cherwell has a global network of expert partners serving customers in more than 40 countries. Corporate headquarters are in Colorado, USA, with global offices in the United Kingdom, Germany and Australia.
Contact: Dawson W. Stoops, Vice President of Strategic Alliances, Cherwell Software,, +1 719 367 9779

ComAround contacts

Contact North America: Magnus Holmqvist, Founder and President, ComAround Inc.,, +46 708 580 154
Contact EMEA: Per Strand, CEO – Founder, ComAround,, +468 580 886 30

ComAround presents its concept in 60 seconds

New video that explains how Service Desks can streamline their support delivery.

“Reusing and sharing organizational knowledge is becoming increasingly important, said Therese Walve, Marketing Manager at ComAround. There is a great demand for knowledge management solutions and self-service tools that support the KCS methodology and can be integrated with ITSM tools. We also see a need for increased training to facilitate an organization’s adoption of the KCS methodology.  We have developed a new video that quickly explains our offering and our value proposition.”

Learn more about ComAround Knowledge™.

Try ComAround Knowledge™ for free!

ComAround integrates seamlessly with ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus

For faster, more effective support through the entire process.


Björn Björkman, Product Owner at ComAround & Thorir Eggertsson, CEO at Inuit.

Knowledge is at the center of the Service desk’s support process. The Service desk needs on-demand knowledge to give organizations the fastest and correct support. The staff needs to be able to help themselves at any time, day or night, by looking for answers in the self-service. If the support stream doesn’t mesh – technically or functionally – the support delivery is ineffective, which leads to unhappy customers.

“We see big demands for integrating task management systems or ITSM platforms with the ComAround Zero™ knowledge tool,” says Björn Björkman, Product Owner at ComAround. “This is why we’re so happy about our new integration plugin with ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus”.

Inuit is the Swedish distributor for ManageEngine products. With help from UDK and ComAround they have developed an integration plugin, to seamlessly integrate the tools.

The principle is based on the Service desk agent fixing the task without needing to change tools. The final user can find solutions in the self-service when registering the task, and they can access the information in the right place at the right time, when needed.

“I’ve long thought that ComAround has an interesting solution and as a result of the integration, we can make it easier for customers to smoothly use ServiceDesk Plus and ComAround,” says Thorir Eggertsson at Inuit. The cooperation means that we can also offer ComAround to our partners and their customers which will strengthen our range in the ITSM field.

The integration service is out on the market right now.

About the integration

The integration between ComAround and ServiceDesk Plus is part of ME Plugins, developed by UDK. The integration brings tools together for a seamless user experience for both the Service desk agent and final user. In addition, ME Plugin makes the integration with Skype for Business possible, and also adds smart functions to ServiceDesk Plus. UDK is a development and consulting organization with extensive knowledge about ManageEngine products.
Read more about the integration. Read more about ME Plugins .

About ComAround

ComAround specializes in knowledge management and self-service. Professional support organizations around the world leverage the self-service knowledge tool ComAround Zero™ to automate and enhance their support delivery by capturing, structuring, and sharing knowledge throughout the organization. The tool is cloud based and seamlessly integrates with incident management and ITSM tools.

About ManageEngine Servicedesk Plus

ServiceDesk Plus is a web-based helpdesk product with ITIL support for all kinds of organizations. With advanced ITSM functions in combination with user friendliness, ServiceDesk Plus helps support helps to deliver low-cost, world class support. More than 100,000 organizations around the world use ServiceDesk Plus for their Helpdesk. Read more

About Inuit

Inuit is a distributor and general agent specialized in IT maintenance and security products. The distributor’s chief focus is to create benefits to the customer through increased productivity and secure IT platforms. Solutions extend over areas such as IT security, IT administration, privilege management, network surveillance, Active Directory, mobility, task management and ITIL helpdesk. Inuit products are distributed via partners around the Nordic countries.


Contact ComAround

Björn Björkman, Product Owner, ComAround
Telephone: +46 8 580 886 41,

Therese Walve, Marketing Manager, ComAround
Telephone: +46 8 580 886 31,

Contact Inuit (ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus)

Thorir Eggertsson, CEO Inuit
Telephone: +46 8 753 05 10,

Markus Arvidsson, Marketing Manager at Inuit
Telephone: +46 70 645 01 38,

ComAround introduces courses and certifications for Knowledge Centered Support (KCS)

Methodology that shows how support organizations can improve their operations and make more efficient with Knowledge Centered Support.

hdi certifed foundation logo_500x134

Many companies the world over use Knowledge Management as a part of their strategy to retain, utilize and reuse knowledge within their organizations. Knowledge Management only indicates what we should do and not how we should do it or who should do it. Knowledge Centered Support (KCSSM) is a methodology that gives a detailed description of how support organizations should work with knowledge as the departure point for improving support operations, becoming more productive and raising the level of service they provide.

KCS was created and is still maintained by the Consortium for Service Innovation, a non-profit alliance of support organizations. HDI and the Consortium for Service Innovation have jointly developed courses to promote and spread the KCS methodology since 2003. Since then, certifications have been developed for testing the knowledge and skills of individual staff members.

“ComAround is now a partner with HDI and are promoting KCS courser and certifications to our customers”, says CEO Per Strand, one of ComAround’s founders. Our new expanded range of courses and certifications is enabling us to obtain even more advanced specialist knowledge. This will mean closer collaboration with the enterprises we work with and it will integrate our tool with a well-proven way of working.”

“All support organizations should leverage industry best practices to strengthen their service management strategies,” says Rick Joslin, HDI Executive Director of Certification and Training. “Knowledge Centered Support is the set of Knowledge Management best practices for Service Management. HDI is proud to be a partner of ComAround in helping ComAround’s clients learn about Knowledge Centered Support.”

During the spring ComAround conducted several KCS-related seminars and courses for more than 100 persons. ComAround will now become an even more complete supplier for the enterprises that want to learn more and implement Knowledge Centered Support in their organizations.

“We’re seeing strong interest in methods such as Knowledge Centered Support,” says Lotta Wiklund, Customer Relations Manager. “Receiving training and learning the basics is a natural first step.”

ComAround will be offering courses and certifications for the level KCS Foundation and KCS Principles. And more will be added in the future. The courses are available both as online courses and as instructor-led classroom courses.

About ComAround

ComAround specializes in knowledge management and self service. Professional support organizations all over the world use the ComAround Zero™ knowledge tool to make their support operations more efficient by collecting, structuring and sharing knowledge within their organizations. The tool is a cloud service and can be seamlessly integrated with case management systems and other ITSM tools.

About HDI

In 1989 HDI became the first professional association created for the technical support industry. Since this time, HDI has become a source for professional development by offering various resources that promote the success of entire organizations in achieving exceptional customer service.

About the Consortium for Service Innovation

The Consortium is a non-profit association of organizations that are oriented to innovation in supporting the industry. The members jointly create innovative ideas through a process of collective thought and experience.

For more information, contact:

Lotta Wiklund
Content and Customer Relations Manager, ComAround
Phone:  +46 8 580 886 39

SMKCS is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation.

Integrate self-service with the ITSM tool

More and more people are realizing the power of integrating ComAround Zero™ with their incident management system or their ITSM tool. With our recent product release we launched our new integration framework using REST API’s.

Our integration platform makes it even easier to integrate ComAound Zero™ with your ITSM tool. With our platform your team will become empowered with knowledge from both the ComAround knowledge base and the ITSM tool’s knowledge base.

The power of only one login

Integrating ComAround Zero™ with your incident management or ITSM tool is essential for putting knowledge at the heart of your business. By doing this, both the end users and service desk can easily find answers and solutions in ComAround’s knowledge database, without having to login to a different system.

comaround integration_498x225

ComAround Zero™ integrated with Cherwell Service Management® via Synerity.

The benefits

When end users find answers to their questions in the ComAround knowledge base they won’t have to log a case.  If they do log a case the service desk can easily attach and send a related knowledge article to the end user. This results in:

  • fewer cases
  • shorter length of time per case
  • increased user productivity
  • greater skills and competence for both users and servicedesk
  • increased use of self-service

Please contact us if you would like to know more about how your organization can integrate ComAround Zero with your existing incident management solution or  your ITSM tool.

ComAround and ProActive Business Solutions Partnership enhances their service delivery

ComAround, supplier of the cloud-based self-service knowledge tool ComAround Zero™ and ProActive Business Solutions, a leading technology consulting and services company, have become partners.

proactive business solutions



With this new partnership ProActive Business Solutions and ComAround’s mutual customers will benefit from more efficient technology service delivery resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

ProActive Business Solutions is an award winning, woman owned corporation that specializes in delivering customized information technology consulting and services to a diverse range of US and Global companies from Fortune 500 corporations to middle-market sized firms. The firm is a leading provider of IT continuity solutions, with their focus being on collaborating with thousands of clients worldwide, who are faced with the significant challenge of ensuring they have flawless operational continuity, while expanding and growing their business.

ComAround is a global self-service knowledge solution provider. We have been developing smart services for more than twenty years, helping users working with technology tools to resolve their problems 24/7/365. Hundreds of companies all over the world use our cloud based self-service solution, ComAround Zero™.

“ProActive has been searching for a partner that shares our commitment to deliver quality products while increasing efficiencies for our clients.  Once I met Magnus and the ComAround team, I knew the search was over.  I am confident that ComAround and ProActive will deliver cutting-edge solutions in technology support and services.”

DeeDee Towery – President/CEO ProActive Business Solutions, Inc.

”We look forward to work together with DeeDee Towery and her team at ProActive Business Solutions to create satisfied customers and long-term, profitable relationships for all parties.”

Magnus Holmqvist – Founder ComAround, Inc.