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Here you find the latest news about ComAround Knowledge™. ComAround Knowledge™ is cloud-based and AI Knowledge Management Software specifically designed to optimize your support flow and create an excellent agent and customer experience by sharing consistent and personalized knowledge across channels. Find more about ComAround Knowledge™.


ComAround launches knowledge articles for Office 2016

Self-service provides quick answers to questions when migrating to new software versions


When an organization rolls out a new version of software such as MS Office, the service desk is usually inundated with questions. These are often solved by way of standardized step-by-step instructions that the user can easily go through on their own. Self-service is a useful means of communicating these instructions. The service desk gains expertise and can provide answers more quickly by sharing solutions with users. Users can then quickly and easily find the answers themselves and solve their own issues at a time that suits them. The result is happier users and less wasted time for the service desk.

ComAround is providing knowledge articles in a number of languages for Office 2016 and a multitude of other programs and operating systems used by companies and organizations.

Read about ComAround Zero™.

ComAround integrates seamlessly with ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus

For faster, more effective support through the entire process.


Björn Björkman, Product Owner at ComAround & Thorir Eggertsson, CEO at Inuit.

Knowledge is at the center of the Service desk’s support process. The Service desk needs on-demand knowledge to give organizations the fastest and correct support. The staff needs to be able to help themselves at any time, day or night, by looking for answers in the self-service. If the support stream doesn’t mesh – technically or functionally – the support delivery is ineffective, which leads to unhappy customers.

“We see big demands for integrating task management systems or ITSM platforms with the ComAround Zero™ knowledge tool,” says Björn Björkman, Product Owner at ComAround. “This is why we’re so happy about our new integration plugin with ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus”.

Inuit is the Swedish distributor for ManageEngine products. With help from UDK and ComAround they have developed an integration plugin, to seamlessly integrate the tools.

The principle is based on the Service desk agent fixing the task without needing to change tools. The final user can find solutions in the self-service when registering the task, and they can access the information in the right place at the right time, when needed.

“I’ve long thought that ComAround has an interesting solution and as a result of the integration, we can make it easier for customers to smoothly use ServiceDesk Plus and ComAround,” says Thorir Eggertsson at Inuit. The cooperation means that we can also offer ComAround to our partners and their customers which will strengthen our range in the ITSM field.

The integration service is out on the market right now.

About the integration

The integration between ComAround and ServiceDesk Plus is part of ME Plugins, developed by UDK. The integration brings tools together for a seamless user experience for both the Service desk agent and final user. In addition, ME Plugin makes the integration with Skype for Business possible, and also adds smart functions to ServiceDesk Plus. UDK is a development and consulting organization with extensive knowledge about ManageEngine products.
Read more about ME Plugins .

About ComAround

ComAround specializes in knowledge management and self-service. Professional support organizations around the world leverage the self-service knowledge tool ComAround Zero™ to automate and enhance their support delivery by capturing, structuring, and sharing knowledge throughout the organization. The tool is cloud based and seamlessly integrates with incident management and ITSM tools.

About ManageEngine Servicedesk Plus

ServiceDesk Plus is a web-based helpdesk product with ITIL support for all kinds of organizations. With advanced ITSM functions in combination with user friendliness, ServiceDesk Plus helps support helps to deliver low-cost, world class support. More than 100,000 organizations around the world use ServiceDesk Plus for their Helpdesk.

About Inuit

Inuit is a distributor and general agent specialized in IT maintenance and security products. The distributor’s chief focus is to create benefits to the customer through increased productivity and secure IT platforms. Solutions extend over areas such as IT security, IT administration, privilege management, network surveillance, Active Directory, mobility, task management and ITIL helpdesk. Inuit products are distributed via partners around the Nordic countries.


Contact ComAround

Björn Björkman, Product Owner, ComAround
Telephone: +46 8 580 886 41,

Therese Walve, Marketing Manager, ComAround
Telephone: +46 8 580 886 31,

Contact Inuit (ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus)

Thorir Eggertsson, CEO Inuit
Telephone: +46 8 753 05 10,

Markus Arvidsson, Marketing Manager at Inuit
Telephone: +46 70 645 01 38,

Have you updated your iPhone or iPad to iOS 9?

ComAround provides knowledge articles for frequently asked questions.

ComAround provides knowledge articles for common software used in professional environments, in order to quickly answer questions and solve problems to minimize work interruption. The knowledge articles are gathered in a knowledge base and available to users through self-service. By using self-service the number of issues reduces to servicedesk, which often increases during and after migrations and software updates.

Many companies uses iPhone and iPad. Apple recently launched their latest operating system, iOS 9. Some new features and changes are: the keyboard, multitasking, notes and news. For iPad, the cut and paste function is completely different.

The knowledge tool ComAround Zero™ provides easy to use knowledge articles for iOS 9, through self-service.

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ComAround provides knowledge articles for Windows 10

Self-service will help facilitate migrations.

When an IT department migrates their organization to a new version of the Windows O/S for example, the service desk will have an increasing number of issues to resolve. When this type of change occurs in an organization it is critical for the IT department to be proficient with the new version of the software being released. The service desk must also have a plan for effectively handling the increase in the number of calls to the service desk. Self-service is an effective way to provide support for migrations. With self-service users help themselves and the service desk is relieved from answering the simple and repetitive “How to” questions.

– We know from past experience that users have many questions when the IT department migrates the organization to a new version of Windows”, says Bjorn Bjorkman, ComAround Product Owner. Therefore we are always one step ahead and we create knowledge articles to facilitate our clients’ migrations.

Windows 10 has several similarities with Windows 7, including the Start menu. One of the great new features in Windows 10 is that it will run on all devices including desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. Other news includes Microsoft’s new browser, search field changes in the task bar, new settings, and the ability to interact with your device by speaking to it.

– ComAround Zero™ is an easy to use knowledge tool designed for capturing, structuring, and sharing knowledge throughout the organization, says Bjorn Bjorkman. Thousands of text, video, and e-learning knowledge articles are available to support our customers when a change occurs in their environment.  These articles are very valuable for supporting migrations to a new Windows or Mac O/S, or enterprise apps like Office 365. Our customers also have the ability to customize their self-service portal and create their own content.
ComAround Zero™ is a SaaS tool that easily integrates with all ITSM solutions.  This integration empowers the service desk to deliver faster and more efficient support for their organization.

Read about ComAround Zero™.

Press release: ComAround Receives 2015 CUSTOMER Contact Center Technology Award

The knowledge and self service tool, ComAround Zero™, is honored for improving customer service technology.

customer-contact-center-technology-award-2015_150x158TMC, a global, integrated media company, has named ComAround Zero™ as a 2015 CUSTOMER Contact Center Technology Award winner presented by CUSTOMER magazine.

“We are really proud of the awards that we have been given. It’s proof to us that our hard work pays off and it’s great to have our efforts and tool recognized,” says Per Strand, Founder and CEO, ComAround.

ComAround Zero™ is a knowledge tool for professional support organizations, who want to get the most out of working with knowledge as a key support solution for improving customer service. ComAround Zero™ is an easy to use knowledge tool that specializes in capturing, organizing, and sharing knowledge throughout the support organization. The solution is a cloud service and can be integrated with incident management systems or other ITSM tools.

ComAround’s innovative approach makes it much easier to maintain and improve the content health and provide better customer service:

  • Instant feedback from the organization through comments, ratings and search history.
  • Automatic alarms can be set to detect missing or irrelevant content.
  • Gamification to encourage, motivate and reward the support agents for creating valuable, searchable, relevant, and updated knowledge articles.

“Congratulations to ComAround for being awarded a 2015 CUSTOMER Contact Center Technology Award. ComAround Zero™ has been selected for demonstrating innovation, quality and unique features which have had a positive impact on the customer experience,” said Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC. “We’re pleased to recognize this achievement.”

This tenth-annual Contact Center Technology Award, presented by CUSTOMER Magazine, honors vendors and technologies that have embraced technology as a key tool for customer service excellence. This award distinguishes their success as innovators, thought leaders, and market movers in the contact center and customer care industries.

About ComAround

ComAround is a global self service knowledge solution provider. ComAround Zero™ enhances the support organization’s delivery of effective customer service. We have been developing smart services for more than twenty years.  ComAround Zero™ empowers users working with technology tools to resolve their problems 24/7/365. Hundreds of companies around the world use ComAround Zero™ to save millions of dollars each year, and drive down the cost for IT support. ComAround Zero™ seamlessly integrates with case management systems and ITSM tools.

About CUSTOMER magazine

Since 1982, CUSTOMER magazine (formerly Customer Interaction Solutions) has been the voice of the call/contact center, CRM and teleservices industries. CUSTOMER has helped the industry germinate, grow, mature and prosper, and has served as the leading publication in helping these industries that have had such a positive impact on the world economy to continue to thrive. Through a combination of outstanding and cutting-edge original editorial, industry voices, in-depth lab reviews and the recognition of the innovative leaders in management and technology through our highly valued awards, CUSTOMER strives to continue to be the publication that holds the quality bar high for the industry.

About TMC

TMC is a global, integrated media company that supports clients’ goals by building communities in print, online, and face to face. TMC publishes multiple magazines including Cloud Computing, IoT Evolution, Customer, and Internet Telephony. TMCnet is the leading source of news and articles for the communications and technology industries, and is read by 1.5 million unique visitors monthly. .

ComAround Contact:

Therese Walve
Marketing Manager

TMC Contact:

Rebecca Conyngham
Marketing Manager
203-852-6800, ext. 287

Integrate self-service with the ITSM tool

More and more people are realizing the power of integrating ComAround Zero™ with their incident management system or their ITSM tool. With our recent product release we launched our new integration framework using REST API’s.

Our integration platform makes it even easier to integrate ComAound Zero™ with your ITSM tool. With our platform your team will become empowered with knowledge from both the ComAround knowledge base and the ITSM tool’s knowledge base.

The power of only one login

Integrating ComAround Zero™ with your incident management or ITSM tool is essential for putting knowledge at the heart of your business. By doing this, both the end users and service desk can easily find answers and solutions in ComAround’s knowledge database, without having to login to a different system.

comaround integration_498x225

ComAround Zero™ integrated with Cherwell Service Management® via Synerity.

The benefits

When end users find answers to their questions in the ComAround knowledge base they won’t have to log a case.  If they do log a case the service desk can easily attach and send a related knowledge article to the end user. This results in:

  • fewer cases
  • shorter length of time per case
  • increased user productivity
  • greater skills and competence for both users and servicedesk
  • increased use of self-service

Please contact us if you would like to know more about how your organization can integrate ComAround Zero with your existing incident management solution or  your ITSM tool.

ComAround joins Cherwell Software Technical Alliance Program (TAP)

ComAround adds value to Cherwell software with the cloud-based knowledge management solution ComAround Knowledge™. ComAround has joined the Cherwell Technical Alliance Program (TAP). Under the partnership, ComAround will be integrating its new technology for knowledge management with Cherwell Service Manager (CSM).

Cherwell SoftwareIt also means that ComAround gains a proven solution for technical integration with Cherwell Software and that the companies can join in creating new market opportunities.

“We’ve developed a solution that helps clients to reuse knowledge with ComAround’s knowledge tool in collaboration with Synerity, a partner of both Cherwell and ComAround,” says Per Strand, CEO at ComAround. “We’re happy to have formalized this partnership with Cherwell, both for the benefit of our clients and partners.”

“Our main goal is to help our clients with more effective IT service management solutions,” says Glenn Alvérus, CEO at Synerity. “Integration between Cherwell and ComAround is entirely in line with this goal.”

The ComAround cloud-based knowledge management platform is a unique combination of software, services and content that helps clients to collect, structure and share knowledge. Interoperability between ComAround and Cherwell provides clients with powerful knowledge management in a seamless interface, enhancing efficiency and productivity for agents and self-service users alike.

”Integration smoothly ties together the two solutions from ComAround and Cherwell so that both our users and support personnel can fully utilize the potential of both solutions via one and the same interface,” says Johan Frick, IT manager at Nibe.

“Cherwell is excited to have ComAround join our TAP. We are strong believers in the value that ComAround will add to Cherwell customers.” says Dawson Stoops, VP of Technical Alliances at Cherwell.

Read more about the ComAround Knowledge™ integration mApp for Cherwell Service Management®.

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About ComAround

ComAround is a global self-service knowledge solution provider. We have been developing smart services for more than twenty years, helping users working with technology tools to resolve their problems 24/7/365. Hundreds of companies all over the world use our cloud based self-service solution, ComAround Knowledge™.

About Cherwell Software

Cherwell Software is the developer of Cherwell Service Management®, an award-winning business technology and IT service management (ITSM) platform  recognized by leading industry analysts worldwide. Express Software Manager is our new, award-winning IT asset management software. Cherwell customers are part of a fast-growing, caring community using Cherwell Software to implement both ITSM solutions and business technology that goes beyond ITSM. Cherwell Software has the deepest expertise in the service management industry, including a global network of expert partners currently serving customers in more than 40 countries. Corporate headquarters are in Colorado, USA, with EMEA headquarters in the United Kingdom.

We now have knowledge support for Skype for Business

In April, Microsoft released its new replacement for the communications software Lync, Skype for business. We now have guides for Skype for business in our knowledge solution ComAround Zero ™, which answers common questions, and help your users get a smooth transition to the new program.


Everyone who has Lync will automatically get Skype for business through a common Office update. Contact us if you need help to get access to our knowledge articles for Skype for business on . For those of you who do not yet have access to ComAround Zero ™.

Microsoft’s description of Skype for business: “Skype for Business (formerly Microsoft Lync) is a communications and collaboration platform that brings together an experience inspired by Skype with enterprise-grade security, compliance and control. It offers features including presence, IM, voice and video calls, and online meetings. It is built right in to Microsoft Office, so initiating chats, calls and meetings is an integrated experience within Office.”

New knowledge article categories in ComAround Zero™

In keeping with best practices for knowledge-centered support, our focus is both on producing new content and updating existing content based on demand and user statistics from our customers. We’ve identified the most popular categories and listed them below.

In recent months we’ve focused our efforts on the knowledge article categories that we’ve identified as most-used based on available user statistics. We’re going through the articles with the highest number of views, refining, adding and even removing content.

The most-used knowledge articles are in these categories:

  • Windows 7
  • Outlook 2013
  • Word 2013
  • Excel 2013
  • Lync 2013
  • Office 365
  • Outlook 2010
  • Word 2010
  • Excel 2010
  • iOS8

Please get in touch  if you have any specific guide requests.

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New knowledge articles for software for Adobe CC and Google Drive

We have recently created the following knowledge articles in English:

  • 33 text articles for Adobe C (Creative Cloud), which is Adobe’s cloud-based service that gives users access to Adobe System’s software and cloud services at a monthly fee.
  • 13 articles for Google Drive.
  • 12 articles for SDL Trados Studio 2014, which is a translation program included in the program suite SDL Trados.
  • 14 articles for WordFinder .
  • 20 articles for FastFox, which is a freeware program in the category “text expansion software”. The software enables users to use commonly occurring words and phrases with the help of shortcut keys to simplify typing.

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