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Here you find the latest news about ComAround Knowledge™. ComAround Knowledge™ is cloud-based and AI Knowledge Management Software specifically designed to optimize your support flow and create an excellent agent and customer experience by sharing consistent and personalized knowledge across channels. Find more about ComAround Knowledge™.


All ComAround knowledge articles are now available in thirteen language versions

With more than 20 years of experience in developing knowledge articles for software and business systems, ComAround are the world leaders in this field. We have created hundreds of thousands of articles for leading software, business systems and organizations like Hewlett Packard, CGI, Google, Adobe, Fujitsu, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and Ericsson.

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ComAround Knowledge™ has become KCS® v6 Verified

ComAround is pleased to announce that our knowledge management and self-service tool ComAround Knowledge™ is the second tool in the world to be KCS® v6 Verified by The KCS Academy.

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Successful customer event about Knowledge Management

In May, ComAround’s Customer Success Team in Sweden conducted a great day together with customers in Lund. The day led to a large experience exchange, discussions and networking between the participants.

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ComAround Live Webinar: “How to capitalize on the knowledge revolution” on May 28

In this webinar Per Strand from ComAround explains why KCS® (Knowledge-Centered Service) appears to be exactly the kind of structured, platform-agnostic approach which finally unlocks the power of knowledge and opens the door for new intelligent technologies like AI, ML and smart BOTs.

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Join our Live Webinar: “Feed the Bots: Strategies to Improve Chat Bots through Knowledge” on April 24

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ComAround launches knowledge driven self-service apps for mobile devices

When using a smartphone or tablet, relevant knowledge is accessible whenever and wherever it is needed to help the organization with a productive workday.

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ComAround launches knowledge driven self-service app for Windows 10

Transform an organization faster into a digital workplace with relevant knowledge searchable and findable directly from Windows 10.

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ComAround launches an app for ServiceNow

Increase the service level to your organization, keep your agents happy and lower your cost per incident by using relevant knowledge to incidents and problems.

ComAround Knowledge™ app for ServiceNow makes it easy for service desk agents and end users to access and use knowledge to solve incidents and problems. The service desk agent or end users starts to type it in a new incident in ServiceNow, the app starts to search and presents relevant knowledge articles. The service desk agent includes the knowledge article related to end user’s problem when responding back to the end user. Or the end user finds the relevant article themselves via self-service and closes the incident with no personal contact with the service desk.

–    We have several customers that use ServiceNow as their ITSM tool, says Erik Evlinger. The app will make it much easier for our customers to connect ComAround Knowledge™ with ServiceNow to solve more incidents and problems with relevant knowledge. With just a few clicks you are ready to leverage the knowledge in the organization.

ComAround Knowledge™ app for ServiceNow offers a seamless KCS verified integration including 50 000+ ready-to-use knowledge articles and intuitive features such as, Video recorder, Machine translation, Intelligent search, Automatic knowledge creator, Reporting & analytics, and much more.

Find the ComAround Knowledge™ app in ServiceNow Store.

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About ComAround

ComAround specializes in knowledge management and self-service. Professional support organizations around the world use the solution, ComAround Knowledge™, to automate and enhance their support delivery by capturing, structuring, and sharing knowledge throughout the organization. The tool is KCS Verified v5 and can be easily integrated with ITSM tools thanks to ComAround Connect. ComAround’s specialists also provide KCS certification training.

Contact ComAround for more information:

Erik Evlinger
Product Owner, ComAround
Phone: 08-580 886 38

ComAround introduces greater search experience with Microsoft Azure Search

Powerful technology provides powerful user experience, leading to knowledge management and self-service success.

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ComAround presents a new powerful Business Intelligence from Microsoft

Data becomes insights in minutes, aiming to optimize and maximize the benefits of knowledge management and self-service.

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