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Here you find the latest news about ComAround Knowledge™. ComAround Knowledge™ is cloud-based and AI Knowledge Management Software specifically designed to optimize your support flow and create an excellent agent and customer experience by sharing consistent and personalized knowledge across channels. Find more about ComAround Knowledge™.


Erik Evlinger, Product Owner at ComAround, shares his views on Knowledge Management Software and the future

Erik Evlinger ComAround in action at ComAround Inspiration Day 2020Erik Evlinger has been a Product Owner for ComAround Knowledge™ for five years. ComAround Knowledge™ is an advanced Knowledge Management Software that is built on Microsoft technology and is KCS v6 Verified, which means it is verified in accordance with the best practice method Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS®). ComAround Knowledge™ is used by hundreds of organizations worldwide, including Disney Studios, Volvo Cars, Electrolux, and Marsh & McLennan. ComAround Knowledge™ is mentioned in several Gartner reports and ComAround was named Microsoft Partner of the Year 2019.

This article looks at Erik’s thoughts regarding his role as a Product Owner, Knowledge Management Software, and his vision for the near future.

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ComAround receives 2020 Contact Center Technology Award from CUSTOMER Magazine

ComAround Knowledge™ honored for improving customer service technology and improving the customer experience


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Knowledge in the phone!

ComAround launches new powerful apps for mobile devices to easily utilize knowledge on the go. With easy access of knowledge in the phone customers or co-workers are prepared to face any challenge during their day.

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ComAround launches new guided support capabilities in ComAround Knowledge™

Step-by-step guided decision trees help customer support improve end user experience and promote higher rates of self-service adoption.

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Turn your organization’s knowledge data into insight connected to client business analytics

Provides additional support for business decisions, organizational learning, and operational excellence.

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ComAround’s ServiceNow App now available in latest London version in Appstore

ComAround continues to work closely with ServiceNow, and ComAround’s Knowledge Management Software is fully verified to work in the newest version of ServiceNow called London.

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The winners of the Self Service Awards™ 2018

On October 23rd, the winners of this years Self Service Awards™ were announced at ComAround Inspiration Day 2018. For the ninth year in a row, the Self Service Awards™ recognize the organizations and individuals that have achieved the most success in their support work with the aid of the tool ComAround Knowledge™.

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The nominations for the Self Service Awards™ 2018

This year’s nominated organizations and individuals have been announced for the Self Service Awards™ 2018. The winners will be presented at the event ComAround Inspiration Day 2018, on October 23rd in Stockholm.

For the ninth year in a row, the Self Service Awards™ recognize the organizations and individuals that have achieved the most success in their support work with the aid of knowledge management, self service and the tool ComAround Knowledge™.

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ComAround establishes the foundation for AI technologies with intelligent knowledge

Without a rich source of data and relevant and accurate knowledge, AI technologies cannot provide intelligent responses allowing predictive support and service.

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ComAround Inspiration Day 2018

“The Power of Knowledge in the World of Digital Transformation”

A live event October 23th, onsite and livestreamed from Microsoft in Stockholm.

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