ComAround Knowledge™ achieves highest level of KCS verification – KCS Verified v5

This verification is proof that ComAround Knowledge™ promotes support organizations’ Knowledge Management and Self Service efforts to help them succeed with their shift-left strategies and automation of the support they provide.

kcs-v5The verification means that the tool now fully supports the Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) method. KCS is a method based on best practise and shows in detail how support organizations should work with Knowledge Management and Self Service. In connection with the verification process, ComAround is changing the name of ComAround Zero™ to ComAround Knowledge™ in order to emphasize the tool’s primary purpose – to efficiently and smartly take advantage of and re-use knowledge in an organization.
ComAround Knowledge™ is the first in Europe to achieve the highest level of KCS verification – KCS Verified v5. The requirements for obtaining KCS verification include being able to demonstrate extensive functionality and a technology platform that supports all eight KCS principles. Previously, only three tools have been verified, including Oracle and SalesForce.

“KCS verification is extremely important for us because we firmly believe that the KCS method will change the way organizations manage knowledge, which will in turn support shift-left strategy efforts and increase the level of automation in how support is provided,” says Per Strand, CEO and one of the founders of ComAround.
The KCS method encourages teamwork at the service desk and facilitates more efficient case management and improved Self Service support.
“For those who have yet to embrace the KCS method or who are about to start, we have KCS specialists to guide you through and educate you on the method so you can achieve rapid results,” Per continues.

About ComAround

ComAround is a Knowledge Management and Self Service specialist. Professional support organizations worldwide use ComAround Knowledge™ to streamline the support they provide by collecting, structuring and sharing knowledge throughout the business. The tool is KCS Verified v5 and can be easily integrated with other ITSM tools thanks to ComAround Connect. ComAround’s expert are on hand to guide you through and educate you on Knowledge Management and KCS.

About the Consortium for Service Innovation

The consortium is a nonprofit association of support and service organizations and is the initiator of the KCS method.

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Per Strand
CEO – Founder
Tel./Mob.: +46858088630

ComAround presents its concept in 60 seconds

New video that explains how Service Desks can streamline their support delivery.

“Reusing and sharing organizational knowledge is becoming increasingly important, said Therese Walve, Marketing Manager at ComAround. There is a great demand for knowledge management solutions and self-service tools that support the KCS methodology and can be integrated with ITSM tools. We also see a need for increased training to facilitate an organization’s adoption of the KCS methodology.  We have developed a new video that quickly explains our offering and our value proposition.”

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ComAround employees first in Sweden to reach highest KCS certification level

Two of ComAround’s knowledge specialists, Process Manager Lena Stormvinge and CEO Per Strand, are the first people in Sweden to be KCS Practice v5 certified.


This certification is proof of the in-depth knowledge and understanding of how the Knowledge Management method KCS (Knowledge Centered Support) works and is implemented in companies and organizations. Training took place in late October in London, UK, with TellTales Consulting in co-operation with KCS Academy.

– We believe that KCS is the best method for success in Knowledge Management and self service, explains CEO and co-founder of ComAround, Per Strand. It’s especially great to be the first in an area that we focus on so heavily.

So far, a total of 437 people worldwide have become KCS Practice v5 certified. This involves having a deep theoretical and practical understanding of the adoption of KCS.

– We have customers who require support at every level of KCS, from basic comprehension of the method to deeper understanding and practical help with planning and implemention, Per continues.

85 per cent of all employees at ComAround in Sweden, Norway, and the US are already KCS certified at foundation level, which is probably also a record.

– The new higher level KCS Practice v5 certifications are proof of our current high levels of expertise and in-depth understanding of KCS, Per continues. We are very pleased with TellTales and Sander van der Moolen who is a certified KCS Trainer and did a great job teaching us and helped us get certified, Per concludes.

Read about the courses and certifications in KCS (Knowledge Centered Support) which ComAround offers.

About Knowledge Centered Support (KCS)

Knowledge Centered Support (KCS SM) is a method for providing a detailed description of how support organizations should work with knowledge as a basis for improving the support they provide, for boosting their productivity, and for increasing the level of service they offer to the business. KCS has been created and is maintained by the Consortium for Service Innovation – a non-profit alliance of support organizations.

Consortium for Service Innovation

Contact ComAround for more information:

Find out more about the KCS courses and certifications offered by ComAround.

Per Strand
CEO – Founder – Knowledge Specialist, ComAround
Phone: +46 (0) 858 08 86 30

Lena Stormvinge
Process Manager – Knowledge Specialist, ComAround
Phone: +46 (0) 766 43 11 27

*SM – KCS is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation.

Ragn-Sells has chosen ComAround Zero™ knowledge tool


“ComAround’s KCS know-how, combined with their knowledge tool that we can link to our task management system led us to choose their solution for sharing knowledge, improving, and streamlining our work in service desk and as a result, deliver better service to the users,” says Stefan Krantz, Teamleader IT-Operations & Support at Ragn-Sells.

About Ragn-Sells

Ragn-Sells is Sweden’s leading company within recycling and environment. The company collects, treats and recycles trash and left over products from industry, organizations and households all over Sweden.

ComAround introduces courses and certifications for Knowledge Centered Support (KCS)

Methodology that shows how support organizations can improve their operations and make more efficient with Knowledge Centered Support.

hdi certifed foundation logo_500x134

Many companies the world over use Knowledge Management as a part of their strategy to retain, utilize and reuse knowledge within their organizations. Knowledge Management only indicates what we should do and not how we should do it or who should do it. Knowledge Centered Support (KCSSM) is a methodology that gives a detailed description of how support organizations should work with knowledge as the departure point for improving support operations, becoming more productive and raising the level of service they provide.

KCS was created and is still maintained by the Consortium for Service Innovation, a non-profit alliance of support organizations. HDI and the Consortium for Service Innovation have jointly developed courses to promote and spread the KCS methodology since 2003. Since then, certifications have been developed for testing the knowledge and skills of individual staff members.

“ComAround is now a partner with HDI and are promoting KCS courser and certifications to our customers”, says CEO Per Strand, one of ComAround’s founders. Our new expanded range of courses and certifications is enabling us to obtain even more advanced specialist knowledge. This will mean closer collaboration with the enterprises we work with and it will integrate our tool with a well-proven way of working.”

“All support organizations should leverage industry best practices to strengthen their service management strategies,” says Rick Joslin, HDI Executive Director of Certification and Training. “Knowledge Centered Support is the set of Knowledge Management best practices for Service Management. HDI is proud to be a partner of ComAround in helping ComAround’s clients learn about Knowledge Centered Support.”

During the spring ComAround conducted several KCS-related seminars and courses for more than 100 persons. ComAround will now become an even more complete supplier for the enterprises that want to learn more and implement Knowledge Centered Support in their organizations.

“We’re seeing strong interest in methods such as Knowledge Centered Support,” says Lotta Wiklund, Customer Relations Manager. “Receiving training and learning the basics is a natural first step.”

ComAround will be offering courses and certifications for the level KCS Foundation and KCS Principles. And more will be added in the future. The courses are available both as online courses and as instructor-led classroom courses.

About ComAround

ComAround specializes in knowledge management and self service. Professional support organizations all over the world use the ComAround Zero™ knowledge tool to make their support operations more efficient by collecting, structuring and sharing knowledge within their organizations. The tool is a cloud service and can be seamlessly integrated with case management systems and other ITSM tools.

About HDI

In 1989 HDI became the first professional association created for the technical support industry. Since this time, HDI has become a source for professional development by offering various resources that promote the success of entire organizations in achieving exceptional customer service.

About the Consortium for Service Innovation

The Consortium is a non-profit association of organizations that are oriented to innovation in supporting the industry. The members jointly create innovative ideas through a process of collective thought and experience.

For more information, contact:

Lotta Wiklund
Content and Customer Relations Manager, ComAround
Phone:  +46 8 580 886 39

SMKCS is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation.

Press release: ComAround Receives 2015 CUSTOMER Contact Center Technology Award

The knowledge and self service tool, ComAround Zero™, is honored for improving customer service technology.

customer-contact-center-technology-award-2015_150x158TMC, a global, integrated media company, has named ComAround Zero™ as a 2015 CUSTOMER Contact Center Technology Award winner presented by CUSTOMER magazine.

“We are really proud of the awards that we have been given. It’s proof to us that our hard work pays off and it’s great to have our efforts and tool recognized,” says Per Strand, Founder and CEO, ComAround.

ComAround Zero™ is a knowledge tool for professional support organizations, who want to get the most out of working with knowledge as a key support solution for improving customer service. ComAround Zero™ is an easy to use knowledge tool that specializes in capturing, organizing, and sharing knowledge throughout the support organization. The solution is a cloud service and can be integrated with incident management systems or other ITSM tools.

ComAround’s innovative approach makes it much easier to maintain and improve the content health and provide better customer service:

  • Instant feedback from the organization through comments, ratings and search history.
  • Automatic alarms can be set to detect missing or irrelevant content.
  • Gamification to encourage, motivate and reward the support agents for creating valuable, searchable, relevant, and updated knowledge articles.

“Congratulations to ComAround for being awarded a 2015 CUSTOMER Contact Center Technology Award. ComAround Zero™ has been selected for demonstrating innovation, quality and unique features which have had a positive impact on the customer experience,” said Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC. “We’re pleased to recognize this achievement.”

This tenth-annual Contact Center Technology Award, presented by CUSTOMER Magazine, honors vendors and technologies that have embraced technology as a key tool for customer service excellence. This award distinguishes their success as innovators, thought leaders, and market movers in the contact center and customer care industries.

About ComAround

ComAround is a global self service knowledge solution provider. ComAround Zero™ enhances the support organization’s delivery of effective customer service. We have been developing smart services for more than twenty years.  ComAround Zero™ empowers users working with technology tools to resolve their problems 24/7/365. Hundreds of companies around the world use ComAround Zero™ to save millions of dollars each year, and drive down the cost for IT support. ComAround Zero™ seamlessly integrates with case management systems and ITSM tools.

About CUSTOMER magazine

Since 1982, CUSTOMER magazine (formerly Customer Interaction Solutions) has been the voice of the call/contact center, CRM and teleservices industries. CUSTOMER has helped the industry germinate, grow, mature and prosper, and has served as the leading publication in helping these industries that have had such a positive impact on the world economy to continue to thrive. Through a combination of outstanding and cutting-edge original editorial, industry voices, in-depth lab reviews and the recognition of the innovative leaders in management and technology through our highly valued awards, CUSTOMER strives to continue to be the publication that holds the quality bar high for the industry.

About TMC

TMC is a global, integrated media company that supports clients’ goals by building communities in print, online, and face to face. TMC publishes multiple magazines including Cloud Computing, IoT Evolution, Customer, and Internet Telephony. TMCnet is the leading source of news and articles for the communications and technology industries, and is read by 1.5 million unique visitors monthly. .

ComAround Contact:

Therese Walve
Marketing Manager

TMC Contact:

Rebecca Conyngham
Marketing Manager
203-852-6800, ext. 287

An eventful first half!

per strand 200x150Per Strand, CEO – Founder, ComAround

Now we can sum up the first half of 2015. We have had an eventful six months, where we managed to develop both the product and the concept around ComAround. We have invested a lot in improving our support for KCS – Knowledge Centered Support. KCS is a knowledge management and service-desk approach that more and more organizations have begun to practice and benefit from. It is a methodology that involves putting knowledge at the heart of their support.

During the second quarter, we completed one of our major product releases of the past several years and can say that with this major release we have a strong foundation to develop further and with an increased focus on new, smart functionality that will make work easier for both the service desk and end users. We have also developed the ComAround Integration Platform that will make it easier to connect and integrate ComAround with other ITSM tools and case management systems. Something that has never been in so much demand before.

The number of new companies that have chosen ComAround during the period was higher than the corresponding periods in 2013 and 2014. Our work with partners has also accelerated, and during the first half of the year we entered into collaborations with new partners in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the USA.

We very much look forward to the fall, and a continued focus on developing the best knowledge solution. We will also continue to develop and establish methods and processes connected to this solution. We believe it is important that we fully understand how our customers provide their support so we can help to further develop the methods and processes that help our customers. We will also use our expertise to provide good knowledge tools that support this approach.

Hopefully we all can now just enjoy the benefit of all the good knowledge articles produced by you in the spring and sit back in the hammock this summer!

We thank you for the excellent first half this year and wish all our customers, partners and others a really warm and enjoyable summer!

Per Strand
CEO – Founder

Phone: +46858088630

Pressrelease: The California Government extends their contract with ComAround

One of our US customers, The California Government, has extended their contract with ComAround to keep providing their users with service from the self service knowledge solution ComAround Zero™.

The California Government  is very pleased with the service and they are saying that ComAround Zero™ “Is the Next Generation Knowledge Tool”. Our goal is to increase service and use ComAround Zero™ to create “The cool stuff” in the form of video knowledge articles.

A major challenge for their service desk is all the questions from new employees when they start their new job. This is where ComAround Zero™ creates great value as it provides the Service Desk with excellent support for onboarding new employees.

With ComAround Zero™ the California Government employees have access to thousands of ComAround’s knowledge articles, and the Service Desk has the ability to easily add new articles and search for their existing knowledge articles within ComAround Zero™.

– We are very happy to continue working together, says Rob Matheson, Director-North America Business Development at ComAround Inc.

California is the third largest state in the US and has a population of more than 38 million people.

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