An eventful first half!

per strand 200x150Per Strand, CEO – Founder, ComAround

Now we can sum up the first half of 2015. We have had an eventful six months, where we managed to develop both the product and the concept around ComAround. We have invested a lot in improving our support for KCS – Knowledge Centered Support. KCS is a knowledge management and service-desk approach that more and more organizations have begun to practice and benefit from. It is a methodology that involves putting knowledge at the heart of their support.

During the second quarter, we completed one of our major product releases of the past several years and can say that with this major release we have a strong foundation to develop further and with an increased focus on new, smart functionality that will make work easier for both the service desk and end users. We have also developed the ComAround Integration Platform that will make it easier to connect and integrate ComAround with other ITSM tools and case management systems. Something that has never been in so much demand before.

The number of new companies that have chosen ComAround during the period was higher than the corresponding periods in 2013 and 2014. Our work with partners has also accelerated, and during the first half of the year we entered into collaborations with new partners in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the USA.

We very much look forward to the fall, and a continued focus on developing the best knowledge solution. We will also continue to develop and establish methods and processes connected to this solution. We believe it is important that we fully understand how our customers provide their support so we can help to further develop the methods and processes that help our customers. We will also use our expertise to provide good knowledge tools that support this approach.

Hopefully we all can now just enjoy the benefit of all the good knowledge articles produced by you in the spring and sit back in the hammock this summer!

We thank you for the excellent first half this year and wish all our customers, partners and others a really warm and enjoyable summer!

Per Strand
CEO – Founder

Phone: +46858088630