ComAround launches new guided support capabilities in ComAround Knowledge™

Step-by-step guided decision trees help customer support improve end user experience and promote higher rates of self-service adoption.

ComAround Knowledge™ is powerful AI and cloud-based Knowledge Management software specifically designed to optimize the support flow by sharing accurate knowledge in the right place at the right time. ComAround has launched decision trees to help customer support and end users optimize shift-left objectives via self-service. The trees can be deployed for simple queries as well as for multiple-choice and more complex questions that require customer input before providing accurate solutions.

Decision trees are interactive and help customers progress through a series of steps to resolve a problem or find an answer for what they want to achieve. It is a conversion-like structure that asks questions and provides response options. Depending on the customer’s choices, it continues to ask them questions that are relevant to their environment or situation to guide them to the optimal solution, video, form link, or external process.

“With decision trees customers will save time and enjoy a new and powerful way to interact with knowledge. This enhanced experience dramatically increase confidence in finding the right solution to more complex issues,” says Bill Pollie, Executive Vice President at ComAround.

It’s easy to get started and to set up a decision tree in ComAround Knowledge™. ComAround’s customers can access it via the cogwheel. It requires the self-service portal and an Enterprise or Premium subscription for ComAround Knowledge™.

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About ComAround

ComAround is a multinational software company that specializes in Knowledge Management & Self-Service. The company helps organizations to achieve exceptional support by using intelligent knowledge as part of their digital transformation strategy, and by utilizing ComAround’s expertise in Knowledge Management. ComAround’s customers solve problems faster, handle increased incident volumes in multiple languages much more easily, have lower organizational costs, and deliver excellent customer experience.

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Erik Evlinger
Product Owner

ComAround Wins Top Microsoft Partner of the Year Award for 2019

Stockholm Sweden, October 1, 2019

ComAround, a global leader specialized in Knowledge Management and Self-Service, announced today it has won Microsoft´s most prestigious partner award for Sweden 2019 – The Multi Cloud Microsoft Partner of the Year.

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ComAround´s attending KCS World Tour in Boston

The KCS Academy, the network of resources and practitioners for KCS® (Knowledge-Centered Service), is hosting a one-day event in Boston with focus on bringing the KCS® community together for Knowledge-Centered Service content, conversations, and connections.

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Bill Pollie from ComAround speaks at Clear 2019 in Nashville

Cherwell´s Clear 2019 Conference kicks off in Nashville, Tennessee on September 30, 2019 – October 3, 2019. This event are designed to provide insight into how to design and get the most out of a service management strategy. The conference provides insight into the trends and challenges of serving (and providing service in) today’s digital workplaces through industry-leading and inspirational keynote speakers and extensive networking opportunities.
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Turn your organization’s knowledge data into insight connected to client business analytics

Provides additional support for business decisions, organizational learning, and operational excellence.

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Join us at KCS World Tour in London

Are you interested in finding out how the methodology KCS® (Knowledge-Centered Service) can help you create an efficient process for knowledge, to improve customer and employee satisfaction? Join us in London on June 7th for a one-day conference with conversations and networking around knowledge and content management.

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ComAround launches integration with Microsoft Teams to empower collaboration with intelligent knowledge

Increase organizational productivity and ensure more satisfied employees with easy access to an organization’s knowledge in multiple languages when using Microsoft Teams.

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ComAround Announces New Mergeable Application (mApp™) for Cherwell Software Partnership

Joint customers harness power of industry leaders to deliver a Certified Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS®) v6 and ITIL solution for support

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ComAround to participate in Consortium for Service Innovation’s 27th annual members meeting near Boston

A meeting to discuss trends and develop the knowledge management methodology Knowledge-Centered Service, KCS®.

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Meet us at itSMF 2019 in Norway

itSMF in Norway is the largest IT Service Management forum in Scandinavia.

Meet us at the Conference and we will showcase how to Make Work Flow together with ComAround, Cherwell and CleverChoice.

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