KCS – The Hive Mentality (The Collective Experience)

The Hive Mentality: In this third part of our Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) series, we look at knowledge as a collective experience, and how the combined expertise and experience of the organization are far greater than that of any one individual. It’s about creating involvement and spreading the risks, without leaving anyone feeling minimized. Read more

KCS – Evolving content based on demand and usage

Our work environment and its content are in constant change. For service desks and support teams it is a very time consuming job to keep the content up to date, if even possible at all. But if every use of an article provided an opportunity to edit and refresh the information in it, would that stop the bottleneck effect and result in updated information? In the second article in our KCS series we get to know about the second core principle of KCS- how to handle and evolve the content.

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KCS vs Knowledge Engineering

What are the differences between KCS (Knowledge-Centered Service) and Knowledge Engineering, and how can the support organization benefit from leaving knowledge engineering mode? Read how an organization can make everyone a winner with focus on immediate action and relevant content.

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