Part 1: Successful migration, with emphasis on users – lay the foundation in the migration plan

Migration plan: Are you planning to migrate to a new operating system such as Windows 10? Technology is a basic prerequisite for successful migration, while the ability to lead, calm and support users in various ways with clear information before, during and after migration is crucial to people’s perception of migration as successful – or less so. When a decision is made to migrate, the IT department is often given responsibility for projectmanaging the migration. Read more

Part 3: Successful migration, with emphasis on users – provide the right user support

When migration to new systems or upgrades of new versions take place, users ask questions that need to be answered. These questions end up in various locations within the organisation, usually at a local or central support organisation (known as the service desk, helpdesk, etc.). 33 per cent of support managers the world over who were asked (in a study of HDI in 2009) are of the view that changes to infrastructure or products such as upgrades, migrations and installations were the main reason as to why the number of calls to the support organisation increased.

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Part 2: Successful migration, with emphasis on users – “Sell” the migration

In a change process – such as migration – you may encounter a degree of opposition from users. In the event of a migration, a common reaction from the company and its users is the view, “Oh no, the IT department are going to swap/upgrade our systems AGAIN!”.

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