Volkswagen – tips and challenges relating to zero level support

Volkswagen Group Sweden has been using ComAround’s web-based self-service feature for more than a year now as a step before first line support. This is known as zero level support. The biggest challenge involves changing the behaviour of users.

Volkswagen Group Sweden is the country’s biggest importer of cars and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Volkswagen AG, the biggest car manufacturer in Europe. The company markets Volkswagen cars, VW commercial vehicles, Skoda, Seat and Audi.

Zero level support at Volkswagen Group Sweden currently helps around 700 users at head office in Sweden, the warehouse and customer such as Eurocard and airports.

Mats Dragon

Mats Dragon

– I view zero level support as a huge FAQ which makes life easier for our first line support and allows users to find their own answers,” says Mats Dragon, Service & Support Manager at Volkswagen Group Sweden. Our intention is for users to get help from our online support service in the first instance.

Volkswagen Group Sweden has previously provided information and guides on its Intranet and Extranet. Mats Dragon is of the opinion that it is important to produce a strategy concerning what information should be available from zero level support and the Intranet/Extranet.

– We chose ComAround so that we did not have to construct our own FAQs, so that we could apply simple searches and so that we could use free guides on packages such as Office that we would not have to maintain ourselves. We also produce our own guides using the tools, but these require maintenance. It is important to listen to users when they indicate what they need.

The IT department is made up of 30 people: seven of them work on the Service Desk, which handles first and second line support, and people who deal with authorisation issues.

– The IT department should not bear responsibility for all zero level support, according to Mats Dragon. The idea is for the business operations to take responsibility for the issues relating to this field. We are taking small steps forwards.

Volkswagen Group Sweden has recently launched ComAround’s latest of its web-based self-service feature, known as ComAround Zero™. Getting the new service up and running is one of the challenges which the company faces at present.

– “The biggest challenge we have faced since we brought in zero level support involves changing the behaviour of users, persuading them to want to take a look at zero level support,” reckons Mats Dragon.

This blog article is based on an interview with Mats Dragon, IT Service & Support Manager at Volkswagen Group Sweden.

We would like to know all about your experiences of zero level support and web-based self-service.

Therese Walve, Marketing Manager, ComAround

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