That’s why service desk should use self-service as a support channel

Self service means to obtain answers to questions by yourself, without having to contact the Service Desk’s staffed support function. This is 6 reasones why a Service Desk should use self-service as a support channel to their customers.

1. Taking the load off staffed support enables them to work proactively

With self service the routine loading of the staffed support function is greatly eased. This takes place in two key ways: on the one hand, through fewer cases reaching the staffed support, with recurring and simple cases being resolved by the users themselves and, on the other hand, by the support agents themselves using self service to find answers that they can then dispense as and when they want.

To reduce the burden on the staffed support function is especially important during change processes which create many new and recurring questions. This occurs, for example, when a new, complex service has been launched or during migration and upgrading of software. With self-service the staffed support can work proactively through preparing instructions before the actual need for it arises.

2. Provides structured support

With self-service the Service Desk takes control and no longer has to worry about the users getting stuck in the course of their work and wasting unnecessary time seeking answers elsewhere e.g. asking their colleagues, surfing the Internet or Intranet, so-called unorganised support.

use-self-service-as-a-support-channel3. Delivers enhanced service 24/7

With self service the users obtain quicker answers to their questions. This enhances efficiency and the users thereby avoid wasting time waiting in a telephone queue or keeping an eye on opening times. Instead, the help is available directly when it is appropriate around the clock. This is especially important when a company has users in different countries or works in shifts.

4. Reduces support costs

Self service  lower support costs. According to studies of the sector, an average case handled by staffed support costs $15 in first level, whereas a case handled using self service help costs just $5 (including system and administration). Consequently, support organisations save $10 in solving a case withself service compared with staffed support.

5. Increases know-how within the organisation

With self service the users acquire increased competence through learning themselves how to find the solution. Self service helps the staffed support to update its knowledge and to maintain its skills at a high level. Not everything needs to be learned and memorised; instead it can easily be looked up as and when required.

6. Improves the Service Desk’s overall performance

In the evaluation of its role, the Service Desk can include results from self service together with other support methods such as phone and email support. The total results for the Service Desk are improved with more resolved cases, higher resolution rate and greater employee satisfaction.

Therese Walve, Marketing Manager, ComAround

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