Part 5: Resolve more cases with self-service – Availability and integration

Users will benefit from easy access to the self-service knowledge tool. With easy access users will resolve problems themselves instead of calling the service desk. It is also advantageous to have the self-service solution integrated with the ITSM tool. This integration gives users the ability to access knowledge articles while registering an incident. It is also important to link the self-service portal where the problems and questions arise. The more places users have access to the self-service solution the greater chance that the user will view self-service as the best and first choice for resolving an incident.

Graphs show improved resultsIntegration of self-service within the IT infrastructure

Incident handling

Incidents can be resolved more quickly by integrating the self-service knowledge tool with the issue management system. This integration makes it possible for the user to search for a resolution from the self-service knowledge base while simultaneously registering an incident in the ITSM tool. When registering an issue users will receive suggested solutions from the self-service solution before sending the issue to the Service Desk. With this integration, the number of issues escalated to the service desk can be greatly reduced when users have access to relevant content within the knowledge base. Sometimes there is no solution for an incident in the self-service tool and the answer must be provided by the Service Desk. When this occurs, it is a good idea to have a workflow for creating knowledge articles in the self-service tool to resolve the issue/problem the next time it occurs.

Integration to find solution

Cherwell integration

Operating systems and web browsers

Make the self-service knowledge tool available via the program/start menu, with a direct link or an icon on the desktop, and as a favorite in the web browser.

Software programs

Integration to find helpThe most effective access to the self-service solution is directly through a software application. This way assistance is always close by whether a user needs access from work, home, or a mobile device when the problem occurs. Links to selected sections of the self-service tool can be integrated with most incident management and ITSM solutions. The figure below shows the ComAround Zero™ Office Add-in, where the user can get help by clicking on the help icon on the menu tab area at the top of the current Office application.

Available in various digital formats

Problems and issues may arise when a user is at work, home or traveling. Make the self-service tool available on desktop & laptop computers, tablets, and smart phones. Today, a responsive design will automatically adapt to various screen sizes.

Therese Walve, Marketing Manager, ComAround

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