Part 4 Järfälla Municipality: Measures and plans for solving more cases in Zero Level support

Järfälla Municipality, outside Stockholm, has been using web-based self-service as a support channel for seven years. Last year, they decided to introduce Zero Level support as a stage before first line. Zero Level support is expected to solve 40% of all incoming cases. The challenge is to get users to help themselves via self-service.I have interviewed Hans Berkvall, IT Manager at Järfälla Municipality, who describes their measures and plans for increasing the number of solved cases in Zero Level support.

Simple guides and instructions

The self-service guides must be of high quality, and the instructions easy to understand. A survey concerning the service level provided by support is carried out each autumn. It informs the IT department about matters such as the organisation’s views on the usefulness and benefits of the guides. There are plans to expand the guides to cover areas other than IT, and make self-service a natural channel for more administrative services.

Presence outside administrative services

A search that says "What do you need help with"?The IT department is to increase its presence outside the administrative services to increase awareness of self-service. This now has a dedicated person, Account Manager Carina Nyborg who works with this.

  • Movies -There are plans to produce movies that will make it easier to understand how self-service works.
  • Integrating case management system -There are plans to integrate the case management system with self-service, so that when users register a case, guides are recommended.
  • Advertising on the intranet -A shortcut on the intranet makes it easier to find self-service.
  • Help directly in the system -An Office Add-in enables users to find the guides directly in a Microsoft Office application, bringing them closer to users’ questions.

Self-service: first step to help

Järfälla municipality flaggaUnder consideration is the introduction of rules covering how users look for help themselves in Zero Level. One idea is for users to use self-service as step 1, use a form as step 2 and phone or email as step 3.

Järfälla Municipality has refreshed its self-service, with a new graphic look, name and content. This will be covered in the next blog.

Therese Walve, Marketing Manager, ComAround

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