Part 1: resolve more support cases with self service – the biggest challenge for Service Desk

Most of Sweden’s IT managers believe web-based self-service provides effective support. They also think the biggest challenge is to get users to solve their problems using web-based self service instead of contacting support staff.

Challenge and problem80 percent of Sweden’s IT managers believe self-service solutions play an important part in effective support, according to a survey that ComAround carried out in 2013. And 43 percent of Sweden’s Service Desks have web-based self-service as an element in the support they provide for their users. The most common reasons are because they consider it:

  • being cost-effective
  • relieves pressure on support staff
  • makes support more accessible to users

Difficult to break users’ habits

When I meet our customers’ IT managers, they often tell me that they recognise the benefits of the concept of Zero Level support and web-based self-service. But they find it difficult to get users to help themselves using the self-service solution, rather than contacting the Service Desk support staff. In many companies and organisations, users are accustomed to phoning, emailing or chatting with support staff when they have a problem. Changing those habits can be difficult. In other words, buying a self-service solution is not enough to alter users’ behaviour. Choosing the right support strategy is fundamental to success in getting users to help themselves using web-based self-service.

An upcoming series of blog articles will give you tools that will help you successfully increase the use of web-based self-service:
Part 2: Support strategy and structure provide the fundamental means of control
Part 3: Dedicated management and managers contribute to the increased use of web-based self-service
Part 4: Service Desks’ understanding of the change process provides tools for changing users’ behaviour
Part 5: Accessible self-service solution provides access wherever users are located
Part 6: Marketing the self-service solution increases its uptake by users

Thanks for reading my article. If you whant to read more in this area, read the whitepaper Resolve more support cases with a clear self-service strategy.

Therese Walve, Marketing Manager, ComAround

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