What are your organizations Knowledge Initiative?

No matter if an organization is starting their Knowledge journey, or if they are maturing their Knowledge- Centered Service processes in a phase II or III, it is never to late time to plan and set the goals for you knowledge initiative.

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Formalize your plan

Whether Knowledge strategy is set at the top of your organization, or defining the path forward is left to the front line management, now is the time to formalize your plan, write down the goals, and commit to a strategy that will move your company forward.  For those who haven’t thought about Knowledge until 10 minutes ago, rest assured, the goals you select won’t be tattooed on your forearm, and they will evolve as the year progresses.

Pick some realistic goals

For now, pick two or three realistic goals that your team, department or organization can focus on for several months and then add to / upgrade as you move forward.  If you aren’t sure where to begin, we suggest you start with the basics of Knowledge and Knowledge-Centered Service.  For example, let’s look at Usage:

Usage metrics will guide your knowledge initiative

The most basic of Knowledge Metrics, Usage, is the key to reducing Average Handle Time (AHT) at the Service Desk and lowering Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR) across all technical teams.  A simple report from your ITSM or Customer service tool and Knowledge solution** will give you a baseline of Usage, both at the front line and across all teams.  A quick report of the last few months will establish the correlation between use of knowledge to solve repeat issues and the AHT and MTTR.  From those metrics, realistic goals can be set for each team, and then daily, weekly and monthly reports will show the progress and areas to focus on.

Simple, easy to analyze and realistic goals such as this can be established very quickly, and then updated and evolved as you progress through the year.  This repeatable process will kick start your Knowledge Initiative and provide a path for success.  If you have any questions or need any help, let us know, we’d be happy to help!

**The industry standard is an integrated ITSM or Customer Service tool and Knowledge solution, so that searching for, and attaching the knowledge article used is as simple as ‘one click and done’. If you do not have Knowledge integrated into your ITSM or Customer Service tool, let us know and we’ll show you how to do that, the result of time savings will astound you!

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