Highlight the heroes of the Service Desk!

Create and highlight heroes and motivated employees in the service desk by implementing elements of Gamification in the creation and maintenance of a qualitative Knowledge base as a part of improving the support delivery.

highlight-the-heroes-of-the-service-deskWorking in a service desk is basically about helping and facilitating other people’s lives by answering questions and solving their problems so that employees can focus on their primary tasks. By maintaining a qualitative Knowledge base with relevant content it facilitates the work of both the service desk and the customer which then can take advantage of already developed solutions via self service.

By introducing simple forms of Gamification in building a Knowledge base makes work more fun and motivating and at the same time a chance to attention and appreciation.

Here are three quick tips on how to pay attention to the heroes of the Service Desk:

  • Charts of those who created most articles
  • Charts of those who have most views on their articles
  • Charts of those with the highest quality in their articles (resolution rate)

Reward and highlight the heroes of the Service Desk through digital or physical rewards and create a culture that motivates the urge to share their knowledge and help others.

How do you motivate and highlight your heroes in your Service Desk?

Björn Björkman, Product Owner, ComAround

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