The game of support is changing – are you?

The way we get help and support has dramatically changed and some of these new behaviours are driven by new possibilities in the cloud and from new devices. What is your experience from different support behaviours?

Servicedesk challenges 2016No matter what – The game has changed! It is important for service desk to understand these new behaviours and present solutions that take advantage of them, instead of competing with them or denying them.

One of our customers, the third largest low-cost carrier in Europe, Norwegian handles the competition from having their users google Norwegian-related issues in a briliant way. They launched their own self service knowledge solution and they described it as their internal google. The name became suitable “Noogle”.

Do you recognize any of the challenging support behaviours above in your organization and do you see some other old or new support behaviour that is a challenge to a Service Desk in 2015?

You can read more in ny poular whitepaper The hero is the king – not content.

Per Strand –Founder and CEO, ComAround

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