The Digital Native – A challenge or a source of power within the support organization?

Digital Native, whatever we call them, there will continue to come new younger groups of people that has a new relationship to everything that is digital and new technology then previous groups. It can be a challenge but also a great source of power.

digital natives

It is my experience that organizations that succeed with establishing good self-service are also good at involving younger employees, such as Digital Natives, in developing solutions. This provides a partially new way of viewing the technology and contributes to understanding what is important for the new younger audience. Those who succeed best are those that have a breadth in working with self-service and knowledge so that both younger and older more experienced people join in developing the support organization’s solutions. This also applies to day-to-day management.

As always, trying to categorize and generalize various groups is risky, and obviously not all Millennials have the same relationship to the digital world. But as a group, we can consider the following as worth taking into consideration when we build the future’s service organization, and involving this group is undoubtedly a source of power.

Benefits of Digital Native customers

Here you find the benefits and advantages for the support organization of having Digital Native customers:

  • Born into the digital age, they can easily see how the technology can be utilized and support the goals.
  • “Good enough” is a matter of course. Not the same view on quality, which benefits them from a KCS perspective, for example, where the goal is “good enough to resolve a problem”.
  • Knowledge committed to memory is not that important. What is important is access to knowledge.
  • Digital communication is valued as highly as personal communication IRL.
  • The digital is not an alternative, it just IS.
  • If solutions are obsolete and undeveloped, they go unused; in other words, we cannot force bad solutions on the Millennials.

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Per Strand is CEO and co founder of the knowledge company ComAround, with long experience and deep knowledge in support, service and knowledge management. He is a certified HDI Professional with KCS certifications (KCS Principles and KCS Practices v6). He is an experienced speaker in leading IT support forums like HDI, itSMF, IT support in focus, Knowledge Inspiration Day, Self Service Awards and Service Desk Forum.

ComAround helps Service Desks to build a self-service knowledge solution with pre packaged content and KCS methods that helps Service Desks in more than 100 countries deliver great high level business value to their organizations.

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