Common questions related to the adoption of KCS

Adoption of KCS: Many support organizations have started to align their support model with Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) as their methodology for working effectively with knowledge. In this article we reply to the most commonly asked questions related to the adoption of KCS.

KCS adoption challenges for servicedesk

New challenges for the service desk

The service desk is responsible for more tasks than ever before. Service desk analysts are expected to understand much more than in the past, deliver better service more quickly, and at a lower cost. It is very challenging to keep up with the demand for new knowledge, and there is a great need to structure and reuse an organization’s existing knowledge.

Most support organizations are familiar with KCS and how it meets many of the above mentioned challenges. During the Fusion Conference we received many important questions about adopting KCS as a methodology, and below are our suggestions:

1. How do we get the most use out of our existing knowledge base?

Search the knowledge base every time the service desk receives a request. Create relevant articles immediately by improving the content, adding meta data, and linking solutions to the related articles. This process will help the database become relevant and updated.

2.  How do we find the time to create knowledge articles initially when working with a self-service solution?

Use a pre-populated knowledge base solution that contains knowledge articles for standard office applications and popular software programs. We strongly believe that an intuitive and easy-to-use knowledge tool will encourage the creation and improvement of knowledge articles by the IT support organization.

3. How do we get the agents to support the idea of creating content as part of the problem solving process?

Encourage the most enthusiastic support agents to work according to KCS principles and they will quickly discover the advantages of creating articles based on demand and usage. With the adoption of KCS principles the service desk agents will no longer waste their time creating articles that no one uses.

4.  How does incident management and Knowledge Management integrate?

Some knowledge management solutions integrate seamlessly with incident management systems and ITSM tools. With a strong integration, knowledge articles are made available to the users via the incident management system. Ideally when an end user begins to type their issue into the description field suggested knowledge articles will appear. The end user now has the ability to resolve their issue before they need to create a service request.

If you have any questions on the adoption of KCS, don’t hesitate to contact our Knowledge Specialist.

Heléne Källgården, Marketing & Events, ComAround

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