An interview with the Customer Care Center at Volvo Cars about their successful Knowledge Management initiative

The Customer Care Center at Volvo Car Sweden has been working with ComAround for three years to improve customer experience and satisfaction through successful Knowledge Management initiative.  Volvo Cars is a well-recognized car brand with a long history of building premium cars with a focus on safety and innovation. Volvo Cars continues to grow faster than any other car manufacturer in Europe, China or the United States. ComAround have interviewed Niklas Byvik, Communication and Education Manager at the Customer Care Center at Volvo Car Sweden.

ComAround interviews Niklas Byvik at Customer Care Center, Volvo Car Sweden, about their successful knowledge management initiative
Niklas Byvik, Communication and Education Manager at the Customer Care Center at Volvo Car Sweden

Tell us briefly about the Customer Care Center and your role

The Customer Care Center at Volvo Car Sweden is responsible for answering all the questions of its customers, Volvo Car owners and the distributors who serve end customers, by way of several channels, including phone, email, chat, social media and Volvo On Call. Our mission is to give our customers an extraordinary brand and service experience that creates an unforgettable contact and a long-term relationship with each customer.

I’m Communication and Education Manager at the Customer Care Center and I’m responsible for ensuring that the Customer Advisors have the right conditions in terms of knowledge and information to help our clients. In my role, I also support the Customer Advisors with regard to how we talk to our customers to convey our brand and provide a service experience that is beyond the ordinary. Our strongest competitive advantage at Volvo Car Sweden is the customer experience, because it is extremely difficult to copy.

What is the biggest challenge at the Customer Care Center?

Our biggest challenge at the Customer Care Center is the great range and variety of the questions we receive and the rapid and growing flow of information. We get questions about both new and old products, ranging from how a customer connects their phone to Volvo On Call, and about their equipment levels or delivery times, to spare parts for an old PV from the 50s. To be able to answer these questions, all Customer Advisors need a wide range of knowledge as well as deep expertise.

What made you invest in Knowledge Management?

It’s impossible to store so much information in your head no matter how long you’ve worked at Volvo Car. It’s simply too complex. We needed the information and knowledge to be accessible and searchable. Speed is important when you’re getting questions by chat and on the phone. It’s about having a lot of respect for the customer’s time.

Have you seen any measurable effects?

Absolutely. By using ComAround we’re seeing a clear trend for improved customer satisfaction (Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI)) and an increased resolution rate in each case. We’re no longer dependent on individuals with in-depth skills and we don’t need to ask the same question several times. Our philosophy is that a question whose answer cannot be found in ComAround should be asked only once.

“We want to continue our close co-operation with ComAround going forwards. They are the key to success and continuing our journey in a positive direction,” says Niklas Byvik, Product Manager, Accessories – Communication & Education Specialist in the Customer Care Center at Volvo Car Sweden.”

What has been the most fun?

What’s been the most fun has been getting concrete feedback in ComAround Knowledge™ on what has led to actual benefits for both colleagues and customers. As a team we’re “hunting” for insights into what really makes a difference.

What surprises you the most?

The complexity of creating a structure that lasts over time and can be filled with large amounts of data without becoming less user-friendly.

What has been more difficult than you expected?

It has been difficult to make everyone use the knowledge base. Sometimes it becomes so clear that humans are lazy by nature. People often choose to do the same as they’ve always done, in this case ask someone else for answers. It’s been a challenge to get everyone to understand that it’s the responsibility of all of us to make Knowledge Management work and make it successful.

What are your thoughts about the future?

I’m absolutely convinced that the need will only grow for Knowledge Management software like ComAround! Our everyday lives are becoming increasingly complex as our products and services become more and more complex. Our customers are placing bigger demands on us.

We’re aiming to expand the Knowledge Management initiative and ComAround across the Nordic region and globally. We’re seeking to do less work manually and more with artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR) and voice recognition, as well as integrating ComAround Knowledge™ with other company applications so as to obtain the full potential benefit of Knowledge Management.

In the future we’d like to continue our success story with ComAround and have our customer journey evolve along with Knowledge Management best practice.

“I’m convinced that the need for Knowledge Management systems like ComAround will increase,” says Niklas Byvik, Product Manager, Accessories – Communication & Education Specialist in the Customer Care Center at Volvo Car Sweden.”

How ComAround can help you with your Knowledge Management initiative

If you need help to achieve successful Knowledge Management in your customer service and support organization, please get in touch.

Find out more about our Knowledge Management software ComAround Knowledge™, as well as our training and consulting services.

Author of the blog article: Therese Walve, KCS Practices V6 certifierad.

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