A recommendation from a successful customer care center for how to use knowledge to improve customer experience and satisfaction

Delivering high-quality customer service and support is often a challenge when your products are complex and when there are ongoing changes in the general environment. With ComAround Knowledge™ the Customer Care Center at Volvo Car Sweden has improved customer experience and satisfaction, by speeding up the provision of answers to customers, and always has access to the latest, most accurate information and knowledge.

How to improve customer experience and satisfaction at a Customer Care Center.

It is seeing a clear trend for improved customer satisfaction (Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI)) and an increased solution rate. Onboarding new employees in the Volvo Customer Care team is easier and faster with all the relevant and up-to-date knowledge being available from day one.

Niklas Byvik is Product Manager, Accessories – Communication & Education Specialist at the Customer Care Center at Volvo Cars. He lists four success factors for establishing a Knowledge Management initiative.

1. Use specialized Knowledge Management Software

If your customer care center has difficulty answering questions in time, then you need specialized Knowledge Management Software. This has helped Volvo Car achieve its goals of following the customer journey and increased customer satisfaction. Agents will get more work done because they will have more time to help customers and influence the excellence of the brand and service experience.

“We’ve been able to respond to customers quickly, and everyone now has access to the same information at the same time,” says Pia Johansson, Senior Manager Customer Care Center at Volvo Car Sweden.”

2. Establish processes and routines

Knowledge Management is complex. You need processes and routines in order to work on a large scale and to have up-to-date, relevant knowledge. Otherwise you risk having knowledge that is unusable and unfindable. Use an established Knowledge Management methodology, get assistance from Knowledge Management experts like ComAround and get agents involved when you’re creating the processes and standards for knowledge creation.

3. Agree on a common goal and what the benefits are

You need a tight team to be successful. Clarify the purpose and benefits of Knowledge Management. Agree on a common goal that measures the effects on end customers. Work becomes more fun and your customers become more satisfied.

4. Have a customer-oriented mindset

When handling knowledge in the knowledge base, your focus should always be on helping customers. Always have the customer in mind when writing knowledge articles, so that the articles will be findable and relevant to customers.

“ComAround has helped us to improve customer satisfaction,” says Niklas Byvik, Product Manager, Accessories – Communication & Education Specialist in the Customer Care Center at Volvo Car Sweden.”

Author of the blog article: Therese Walve, ComAround, KCS Practices V6 certified.

How ComAround can help you improve customer experience and satisfaction

If your customer service and support organization needs help with successful Knowledge Management to improve customer experience and satisfaction, please get in touch.

Find out more about our Knowledge Management software ComAround Knowledge™, as well as our training  and consulting services.

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