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Part 3 Järfälla Municipality – Reasons and expectations for Zero Level support

In the previous two blogs about Järfälla Municipality, outside Stockholm, I have described its IT department’s challenges and how they are currently using web-based self-service in their activities. For this blog, I interviewed IT Manager Hans Berkvall about why they are taking the next step and introducing Zero Level support as a stage before first […]

Part 2 Järfälla Municipality – Web-based self service in the public sector

The municipality of Järfälla in Sweden has opted to introduce Zero Level support for its operations. In my first blog, I explained about the the IT department’s organisation, targets, challenges and support methods. In this blog, I will be looking at how they use web-based self service at present before the introduction of Zero Level […]

Part 1 Järfälla Municipality– A helpful IT department in an operation facing major challenges

The municipality of Järfälla in Sweden has implemented a major internal change of IT. This has resulted in dissatisfaction among users. The IT department at the municipality of Järfälla has chosen to introduce Zero Level support in order to create a happier organisation and a more positive image for the IT department. I will be […]