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The support iceberg is growing 24/7 – opportunity or threat?

A large number of recurring support issues that are often dealt with manually by the support team can and should be directed to self-service. But the key value is created when we increase the level of service and make the support organization more important and of greater value for the whole organization. We supply real customer benefits. As service-oriented support organizations and service desks, how do we address the new generation of employees, the old generation’s new behaviors, and new technology?

Knowledge – The shift to good enough

The traditional viewpoint that every article created should be perfect has no connection to how we consume and process information. Support organizations that realize it’s impossible to create perfect knowledge articles will succeed with knowledge management. Successful support organizations develop methods for the early identification of new issues, and they create effective articles that resolve the new issues.

The Hero is The King – Not Content

This is a 4- step guide on how to make your self service knowledge base a success and one of your must valuable assets. This guide is aimed at those who want to enhance an existing knowledge base as well as those who are planning for a new knowledge solution.