About the company

Our knowledge and experience guarantee your success

ComAround is a global leader that specializes in Knowledge Management and self service. For more than 20 years we have helped thousands of support organizations leverage our technology to help them streamline and enhance their support delivery with relevant knowledge.

ComAround has employees and offices in the USA, Sweden and Norway. Our team has a passion for helping support organizations provide better service to their customers, and exceed their goals by sharing knowledge. ComAround’s employees are certified in Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS).  Our ComAround knowledge experts often speak at industry conferences, and our knowledge specialists & KCS trainers provide KCS training for our customers.

Professional support organizations including the CDA, Stanford University, Keysight Technologies, Legislative Data Center, and hundreds of others use the Knowledge Management tool ComAround Knowledge™ to capture, structure and share knowledge throughout their business.

ComAround is a partner of HDI, an American industry organization within the technical support industry. ComAround is an HDI Registered Training Partner for KCS courses and certifications.

KCS Academy

ComAround is a KCS Academy partner. The academy is a network of KCS practitioners and suppliers who are developing the KCS knowledge method, courses, and certifications. ComAround has certified KCS trainers who provide complete consultancy service, training, and certification.

ComAround Knowledge™ has achieved the highest level of KCS verification – KCS Verified v5. This is proof that the tool supports all eight KCS principles of the knowledge method.

ComAround Knowledge™ is Microsoft Azure Certified, which is testament to the increased reliability and scalability offered by ComAround Knowledge™ for the management of international growth.