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Intelligent Knowledge Management Software

ComAround Knowledge™ is cloud-based and AI Knowledge Management Software specifically designed to optimize your support flow and create an excellent agent and customer experience by sharing consistent and personalized knowledge across channels. It consists of a unique combination of professional, expert, and data-driven knowledge across channels. We call it “intelligent knowledge”.

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Expertise in knowledge management and KCS

Improve your business processes during your digital transformation with help of ComArounds Knowledge Management and KCS (Knowledge-Centered Service®) certified experts. ComAround provides training and certification, as well as consulting services on how to attain your business goals, such as reducing costs, improve customer satisfaction, workforce productivity, and adapting to cultural changes.

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60 %

Shorter resolution time

50 %

Fewer cases

40 %

Higher resolution rate

30 %

More satisfied employees

White paper

The whitepaper identifies the top ten reasons why Knowledge Management initiatives fail, and how to prevent this.

When data, information, and knowledge continue to grow within organizations, knowledge is updated less frequently and becomes less relevant. Employees and external clients then find it increasingly difficult to find relevant knowledge when they need it. To prevent common failures in the implementation of Knowledge Management and to ensure that it supports the company’s strategic objectives, organizations must pursue the organizational change needed to support the creation, reuse, and improvement of knowledge.

Reason why Knowledge management initiatives fails

Supercharge your onboarding – Improve time to proficiency up to 70%!

KCS Academy

Do you need to improve your knowledge management processes, increase knowledge base searchability or are you about to implement a support bot? The KCS® (Knowledge-Centered Service) methodology gives you all the necessary techniques and skills to succeed.

CLEAR 2020 Virtual Conference in October 13 – 14 and 20 -21 2020

CLEAR 2020 Conference ComAround sponsor

ComAround is one of the exhibitors at Cherwell CLEAR 2020 Virtual Conference in October.

Come and meet us in our virtual booth!

Upcoming Knowledge Management events

CLEAR 2020 Conference ComAround sponsor

Clear 2020 Virtual Conference

October 13, 2020 - October 21, 2020
Hela dagen

ComAround is one of the exhibitors at Cherwell Clear 2020 Virtual Conference in October. Come and meet us in our virtual booth and get a gift card from Starbucks for $10!

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KCS Academy

(Europe time zone) VIRTUAL TRAINING: KCS v6 Overview training and certification

October 22, 2020 - October 23, 2020
09:00 am - 12:30 pm

This training (including certification exam) is intended for individuals who are using the KCS Practices in support centers and service desks to resolve issues for customers and end users, or anyone who wants to learn the basics of KCS. The certification is a great way to ensure a common understanding of the methodology across large or distributed groups of knowledge workers.

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KCS Academy

(Europe time zone) VIRTUAL TRAINING: KCS v6 Practices workshop & certification

November 9, 2020 - November 12, 2020
08:30 am - 12:30 pm

In order to be able to continue to offer KCS training programs under current circumstances, this training will be held online. So if you’re considering launching KCS or tuning up your KM processes, this intensive workshop will provide the needed insights and skills. This workshop and certification exam is intended for individuals who require a thorough understanding of both the KCS methodology and its adoption.

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