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Reduce costs, increase revenue, improve workforce productivity and customer satisfaction with intelligent knowledge as a part of your digital transformation strategy. ComAround Knowledge™ is an independent knowledge hub that synchronizes and navigates your organizations digital information, to meet your long-term need of relevant and accurate knowledge. We call it – Intelligent knowledge.

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Expertise in knowledge management and KCS

Improve your business processes during your digital transformation with help of ComArounds Knowledge Management and KCS (Knowledge-Centered Service®) certified experts. ComAround provides training and certification, as well as consulting services on how to attain your business goals, such as reducing costs, improve customer satisfaction, workforce productivity, and adapting to cultural changes.

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60 %

Shorter resolution time

50 %

Fewer cases

40 %

Higher resolution rate

30 %

More satisfied employees

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If you are considering launching KCS or improving your Knowledge Management processes, this workshop will provide you with all the necessary insights and skills.

HDI 2018 Conference & Expo in Las Vegas

Meet us at HDI 2018 Conference & Expo in Las Vegas April 10-13. We will showcase how to reach World Class customer support using intelligent knowledge and have a session about KCS Swarming.

Upcoming events

Live Webinar: Knowledge at your fingertips wherever you are

March 27, 2018
04:00 pm - 04:30 pm

Welcome to this webinar where we show how you can have knowledge available on all devices regardless of time and place!
We live in a time where we all have the expectation that access to information should be quick and easy. In order to meet these requirements, knowledge must be available 24/7 and accessible through the device you want. Our solution to this is through apps available for both mobile and PC..
This webinar will focus on why we have chosen to go in this direction and how the technology works.

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Live Webinar: ITIL + KCS = SUCCESS

March 28, 2018
10:45 am - 12:00 pm

Join this webinar to explore how knowledge management is integrated with ITIL processes to maximize value and how you satisfy your customers, your employees, and the needs of your organization by Doing More With Less. It is no longer good enough to answer the phone quickly. Success cannot be achieved by hiring friendly customer service-oriented […]

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HDI 2018 Conference & Expo in Las Vegas

April 10, 2018 - April 13, 2018
08:00 am - 05:00 pm
MGM Grand
Las Vegas

ComAround is one of the exhibitors at the HDI 2018 Conference & Expo. It is the industry’s most comprehensive event unites experts and practitioners from around the world. Per-Kristian Broch Mathisen, Certified KCS Trainer at ComAround, is one of the invited speakers at the conference. His session is about KCS Swarming: “Ways to Gain Efficiencies for Desktop Support”.

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Summit EMEA

April 24, 2018 - April 26, 2018
08:00 am - 05:00 pm
Convention Centre Dublin
Dublin 1

Summit EMEA is the user group conference that brings Microsoft Dynamics 365, AX and CRM users, industry experts and software development vendors together to discuss important issues, to learn about product updates, and to find genuine solutions that suit your business needs.  We are proud to have Bill Pollie, Executive Vice President at ComAround Inc, as a speaker on the subject of Knowledge Management.

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Live Webinar “Feeding the Bots: Strategies for Improving Chat Bots by Leveraging Knowledge Management Interactions”

April 24, 2018
11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Chatbots rely on programming known questions and answers into the system to make them more effective. The more we know about the questions our customers ask the more information we have to feed to the Bots and increase their intelligence. To improve the success of capturing the proper knowledge and improving self-service, knowledge must be captured in the workflow using the context of our customer. Knowledge captured using our customer’s language will improve the success of artificial intelligence and improve the success of offering a new chatbot channel for support.
In this webinar, we will uncover strategies to improve your existing implementation of chatbots or help you to develop a successful implementation strategy. It’s time to feed our bots with knowledge management interactions.

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TRAINING: KCS v6 Practices Workshop in Stockholm

May 30, 2018 - June 1, 2018
09:00 am - 05:00 pm

If you’re considering launching KCS or tuning up your KM processes, this intensive workshop will provide the needed insights and skills. This workshop and certification exam is intended for individuals who require a thorough understanding of both the KCS methodology and its adoption

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Integrate your tools, systems and applications with ComAround Knowledge™

ComAround Knowledge™ integrates with Service Management tools, Incident Management systems and Business applications for faster and more efficient support throughout the organization. The Service Desk can resolve issues without having to switch between applications. End users can find solutions in conjunction with registering their cases.


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Join our Live Webinar: ITIL + KCS = SUCCESS on March 28

Listen to Rick Joslin, KCS Consultant and Expert - Bill Pollie, Executive Vice President at ComAround Inc. and Matt Peeples, Vice President at Cherwell - three well-renowned influencer in the subject! Learn how knowledge management is integrated with ITIL processes to maximize value and how you satisfy your customers, your employees, and the needs of your organization by Doing More With Less.

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ITIL® + KCS® = Success

Doing more with less. You have heard this phrase and many of us live it. Each year service desks are asked to satisfy higher demands without rapidly expanding their organizations. I have met very few service desk managers that claim to have enough people to exceed their service level targets while managing all the projects and operational tasks on their plates. So how do you satisfy your customers, your employees and the needs of your organization? You begin by learning from the experiences of others.

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