Over 100 000 guides

ComAround is currently able to offer more than 100 000 guides - and most of them in more than ten different languages. And we're constantly developing more guides as our staff go on updating and developing the current ones.

All the guides in our database which can be accessed by all ComAround Zero™ users form an important part of our internal support service. Here at ComAround, we're constantly developing new guides for standard applications. We always provide up to date guides when major software packages are launched, such as Windows, Office and the most common mail systems, with a view to meeting your requirements when migrating and upgrading to new versions. Moreover, our database is constantly being topped up with content from all our customers. This makes us unique, with a database of more than 100 000 available guides.

We have three different types of guide to help users find answers to their questions. We use text guides for simple, straightforward instructions, video guides for demonstrations, and interactive guides for anyone wanting to practise certain things. In this way we can deal with different kinds of people who can use the various guide formats that best resolve the problems they're currently having.

This service is currently available in ten or so languages. Our guides for standard applications are also available in a range of different languages and language combinations. Download the document entitled "Versions and languages" to view a summary of our complete range of services and guides, and the language versions they're available in.